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PCR Thermal Cycler
PCR Thermal Cycler
Place of Origin:
Cyl-003/005/006 series
A & E Lab
US$1200-2050 EXW/pc
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    PCR Thermal Cycler

    Brief Introduction:

    The PCR Cycler provides the researcher with the means of accurately controlling the temperature profile of samples. It has many scientific application, including DNA amplification and dequencing.

    Ordering Informations:

    Model Product Description Remark
    Cyl-003-1 Built-in block for 25x0.2ml microtubes --
    Cyl-003-2 Built-in block for 20x0.5ml microtubes --
    Cyl-003-3 Built-in block for 48x0.2ml microtubes --
    Cyl-003-4 for 30x0.5ml microtubes --
    Cyl-005-1 Built-in block for 48x0.2ml microtubes with gradient function
    Cyl--005-2 Built-in block for 30x0.5ml microtubes with gradient function
    Cyl-006-1 Built-in block for 96x0.1ml microtubes with gradient function
    Cyl-006-2 Built-in block for 60x0.5ml microtubes with gradient function

    Main specifications:

    temperature range 4℃ to 99℃
    Block uniformity ±0.5℃
    Temperature accuracy ±0.5℃
    End of program cooling below ambient YES
    Maximum heating rate 4.5℃/sec (3.5℃/sec for Cyl-006 series)
    Maxinum cooling rate 3℃/sec (2.5℃/sec for Cyl-006 series)
    Heated lid temperature 100℃ to 115℃
    Heated lid enable/disable YES
    Number of programs (3 steps) 100
    Dimension and weight


    260x220x420mm/12kg (Cyl-006 series)

    Power AC input, 120V or 230V with switch


    Gradient function:

    For Cyl-005 series: range is 20℃ to 80℃, max is 15℃;

    For Cyl-006 series: range is 20℃ to 70℃, max is 30℃.
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    Payment terms, T/T, Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal etc.
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