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HT-15L laboratory deionized water system machine equipment
HT-15L laboratory deionized water system machine equipment
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Shandong Saikesaisi Hydrogen Energy Co.,Ltd
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    Kevin Zhang
    Mobile: +8618615696905(whatsapp)


    Feed for ultra-pure water sytem, Media preparation, Fine chemical industry, Preparation of chemical solutions used    

    with totrators,  Buffer preparation, ion chromatography Photographic flush, Test chamber, meteorological laboratory     

    equipment, Hydrogen generator,humidifier etc.


    Product Characteristics:
    1.Automatic microcomputer control system, LED real-time animation type working mode display
    2.Running status is showed in the LED, such as flush, produce water, full water, water shortage, leakage and service
    3.Power on self test, power reset, alarm when work more than 6 hours continuously, water shortage, leakage, low pressure and high pressure
    4.Self-maintenance of the reverse osmosis membrane, when system start to work, water shortage reset and work more than 2 hours continuously, prolong RO membrane service life
    5.The system could be put on the table and mounted on the wall (except for 45 series and built-in tank type)
    6.The system is easy to install, operate and maintain
    7.All the connectors are fast-plug type, easy to update
    8.Built-in 10 liters pressure tank, save lab space
    9.Different capacity tank could be chosen to meet different requirements
    10.All the pipeline and connectors are certified by NSF
    11.The RO membrane is made from DOW (USA brand), ensure the high level water quality
    12.Precision stage ultrapure polishing resin cartridge, save running cost
    13.Free cost of TDS test pen could test TDS, conductivity and temperature

    HT-15L laboratory deionized water system machine equipment

    Kevin Zhang


    Mobile: +8618615696905(whatsapp)



    Shandong Saikesaisi Hydrogen Energy CO., Ltd. is a high-tech and strong innovation team. She has being engaged in producing PEM/SPE Hydrogen Generator from 1992. The chief technical expert is the first one developing PEM/SPE technology in China who has developed Four generation hydrogen generators and some have won the patens and fill in the vacancy in Chinese technology field.

    The company choose SPE-Solid Polymer Electrolyte positive ion(proton) exchange membrane to electrolyze pure water which replaces traditional alkali liquor hydrogen production. This technology has won BECIA golden medal and certificate of patent.

    Because of good quality, some products have got CE certification(No.E/EC13840511537). Now this company can supply the following products:

    1.QL Series Hydrogen Generators (0-34000 ml/min).
    2.SHC Series Hydrogen Generators(0-500 ml/min).
    3.QL Series Pure Air Generator(0-300 l/min).
    4.QL Series Nitrogen Generator(0-500 l/min).
    5.QL Series Nitrogen and Air Generator(Nitrogen:0-300 ml/min, Air:0-1000 ml/min), Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Air Generator(Nitrogen:0-300 ml/min, Hydrogen:0-300 ml/min and Air:0-1000 ml/min).
    6. Other customized generator and Accessory parts.

    If you have any technical questions or need more detailed information about produces and company, please visit the website.
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