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Supplier Country Telephone
Biocomma Limited China 0086-0755-25431879
Biocomma Ltd China 0086-400-878-7248
Chengdu Rich Science Industry Co., Ltd. China +86-28-66679719
Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc. United States (650)618-2699
Shanghai Yuyan Instruments Co.,Ltd. China +86-21-35183767
Pribolab Pte.Ltd(Beijing) China 15706395750
Hefei Panzhu Biotech Co.,Ltd China 18919601533
Molecule Works Inc. United States 1-3853754759
PURIFA Medical Production co. LTD China 0086-769-82970501
Cangzhou Oubeiruike Instrument And Equipment Co., Ltd. China +8618633093611
Wuhan Ecalbio Co., Ltd China 86-27-87745856
Nankai Biotech Co., Ltd. China 0086-151-5809-6930
Shanghai GL Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. China 13701639125
Zhengzhou Mingyi Instrument equipment co., ltd China +863716648725
Wuxi Huanawell Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. China +86-15806182371
LABCON India 9920669249
Biobase Make Trading Co.,Ltd China 15853180370
Venair Inc Miami United States (+1) 305 362 8920
CD Genomics United States (631) 259-7705
Orchid Ivy Ltd China 0073-7237266