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Analytik Ltd: Affordable Temperature Controlled 3D Bioprinter

Hits:880   Date: 9/7/2020
The BioScaffolder Prime from Analytik is a new affordable high-performance 3D bioprinter which delivers precision engineering in an advanced, customisable platform. 

The rapidly expanding field of 3D Bioprinting for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine combines biocompatible/biodegradable polymers with living cells. This attractively priced, but complete, bioprinter package offers researchers the ability to create bioscaffolds for cell growth as well as depositing layers of bio inks on implants or microfluidic objects. 


BioScaffolder Prime 3D bioprinter

Modular in design, the BioScaffolder Prime can be configured to requirement with a wide range of options to upgrade the system, as need arises. This multi-headed 3D bioprinter can be equipped with multiple dispensing tools including unique core/shell tools for simultaneous dispensing of different materials. The BioScaffolder Prime is highly versatile and adaptable for application specific configurations, making it the ideal temperature-controlled bioprinting platform.

The BioScaffolder Prime draws upon the latest smart technology to ensure optimum efficiency and to deliver top quality results. Decentralized units for printing, media control and computing save precious space in your biosafety cabinet and ensure superb heat dissipation. Silent but smart XYZ-drives deliver micrometre precision. In addition, the system comes with a Peltier heater/cooler cartridge for temperature controlled bioprinting and a built-in UV source UV-LED pen.


a bioscaffold being printed in 3-dimentions

Designed to fit and operate in a standard biosafety cabinet,  the BioScaffolder Prime enables you to undertake your 3D printing applications quickly, safely and in a sterile environment.

For further more detailed information on the BioScaffolder Prime please visit or contact Analytik on +44-1954-232776 / 

For over 15 years - Analytik has been a trusted supplier of cutting-edge scientific instrumentation to leading organisations throughout the UK and Ireland. In addition to supplying innovative analytical instrumentation from global technology providers, we deliver added value through specialised consultative expertise and comprehensive pre and post-sales support to ensure that our customers get the most out of their investment. For further information please visit


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