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FDA Issued an EUA for NEST Disposable Sampler

Hits:649   Date: 8/5/2020
On the evening of July 30, NEST Biotech was notified that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the emergency use of its product — disposable sampler (VTM).
It makes NEST the only non-US company being authorized overseas.
After being granted emergency use authorization by the FDA, the product was requisitioned by the US Department of Health & Human Services and distributed to testing agencies in 50 states for use! It was also authorized to be sold in other countries that accept FDA’s emergency use authorization.


In view of the current Sino-US relations, FDA has done many investigations and tests and finally issued an EUA for NEST disposable sampler, for which we’ve also have made tremendous efforts.
High-standard work flow:
Class 10,000 clean rooms
Liquid filtration and sterilization system
Automatic filling system
Enhanced security with irradiation sterilization
Strict and improved inspection


Develop a high-standard work flow!  
Details allow you to recognize the whole through observation of any part. 
Non-toxic nylon swab: unique raw materials and production processes speed up the sample collection and release of NEST sampling swabs.

Years of experience in injection molding: backed by Vanguard, we have natural advantages in injection molding. We offer more specification and dimension options to better meet your needs, while guaranteeing product quality.
Guaranteed sterility: Rhodotron TT20 electron accelerator from Belgium-based IBA, being safe and environment-friendly in operation and free of chemical residues, features less time consumption and good effect.
All products are in stock. Please contact our local agents or distributors as necessary. 
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