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NEST: Incentive Program for Publishing Scientific Papers in SCI Journals

Hits:612   Date: 1/13/2020
Intent: NEST believes in rewarding researchers who use the products of NEST and publish high-quality academic papers, to express appreciation for the support and trust of NEST’s customers over the past decade, promote the vigorous development of biological research in China, and realize our shared dream of China life sciences. The incentive program goes as follows:

1.  Content
Applicants for the reward must be Chinese and foreign researchers who use NEST’s products, publish articles in international journals and give clear indication of “NEST Biotechnology” for the products they use.  The first author or corresponding author (one person only) will be rewarded for the articles published in SCI journals based on the journal impact factor, as shown in the following table:
Journals IF Reward Proposed Rankings
SCI Journals IF<2.0 USD 80 5000-12271
SCI Journals 2.0 ≤ IF ≤4.5 USD 120 1001-5000
SCI Journals 4.6 ≤ IF<7 USD 160 500-1000
SCI Journals IF≥7.0 USD 250 Top 500

 Note: Journal impact factor is based on the latest data published in 2019.

2.  Time: from today until December 31, 2020 (rewards for articles published in 2021 will be subject to the new incentive program for 2021)

3.  Remarks:
·  SCI index number must be provided for papers published in SCI journals.
·  Articles that have already been rewarded will not be rewarded again. If the same product is used in several published articles, then the highest impact factor will prevail, and rewards will not be given repeatedly.  
·  NEST will be allowed to publish the articles that are rewarded on its leaflets and website.
·  Applicants should send the application form, which can be downloaded from the website of NEST, and the electronic version of papers to, and give clear indication of “scientific paper reward application” in the subject of the email.
·  NEST will review the articles, and upon approval, will contact the applicant as soon as possible to confirm on the way the gift will be given and the address.  
The Scientific Paper Reward Application Form Download link:
Wuxi NEST Biotechnology Co.Ltd.