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SKYLUX® PP R810 Resin will be Showcased on 2019 DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo

Hits:670   Date: 11/22/2019
To produce a good injection molded plastic part, a well- designed and well-made mold is needed, as well as having an injection molding machine with excellent performance. And the most important one would be choosing a right material to fit the production processing and specific functions of the end product usage.
With over 10 years serving customers in medical and laboratory industries, DragonChem Limited understands the needs of the fields, and provides professional service to brand owners, product designers and manufacturers on plastic material selection, stock-keeping, distribution & processing trouble shooting. On the event of DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo in Shenzhen, China Nov. 26-29, 2019, SKYLUX® PP R810 resin will be demonstrated for injection molding processing of super-high-clarity PCR 8-tube strips at booth #8F15


SKYLUX® R810 : Polypropylene Resin for Laboratory Consumables
Advantages :
* Excellent Transparency
* Low Extractables 
* Good Heat Resistant
* High Rigidity


Application :
Micro centrifuge tubes, PCR tubes, PCR plates, Pipette tubes, Reaction tubes
DRAGONCHEM LIMTIED is focusing on application development and sales distribution for medical grade polymers, transparent polymers and antimicrobial polymers. With sales team and technical service team in Hong Kong and China, the company provides polymer consultation, technical support and troubleshooting to end users whenever they want.
DRGONCHEM LIMITED supplies : TROGAMID Care (Transparent Polyamide),
VESTAMID Care (PA12 & PEBA), CYROLITE medical grade acrylic copolymer,
Tairipro (medical grade PP K4520), Tairilac (medical grade ABS AG16A1),
Tairilite (medical grade PC AC6000), TOYOLAC (medical grade MABS),
Purell (medical grade PP & PE), CELLENE (medcial grade TPE), Ateva G (medical grade EVA), Hostaform MT (medical grade POM), Celanex MT (medical grade PBT), Medical grade TPE, MSK (MMBS), SKYLUX (Specialty & Functional Plastics), BACTOSTAT bacteria-repellent-plastics with technical support to end users in China.
DragonChem Limited