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LABWIT Launches Two New Concept Shaking Bioreactors at Analytica China 2018

Hits:1981   Date: 11/14/2018
November 1 2018, Shanghai, China: At Analytica China 2018 held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, LABWIT showcased a series of new products with proprietary intellectual property rights, and attracted a large number of visitors from both at home and abroad. LABWIT also launched their next generation of concept unit, “the ZWYF-290A smart OD online-measuring shaking bioreactor for cell growth, and the ZWYB-292 pH automatic pulse feeding shaking bioreactor". As in dire need of in China’s biological engineering application, the achievement of these two next generation shaking bioreactor being the first of "made in China”, signifies the result of LABWIT’s adherence to technical innovation and stringent workmanship.
The ZWYF-290A smart OD online-measuring shaking bioreactor is a kind of biological bioreactor by using non-invasive measuring technology to automatically measure the optical density (OD) of microorganism cells in the shaking flasks. Integrated with multiple non-invasive channel photometers, it can automatically measure the optical density of cells in micro-organic fermentation solution in a real-time manner, and online track the variation of density or granularity due to the microorganism growth. This has been proven to become a new type of biological bioreactor for biological engineering, fermentation, and pharmaceutical industry.

ZWYF-290A smart OD online-measuring shaking bioreactor
Using 580-600nm laser lighting, and 250mL special customized conical flasks as fermentation shaking flask for monitoring the microorganism fermentation process, and online analyzing the cell growth rate.
Interference free design ensure the stable measurement of the real microorganism cell growth curve, even when the system is shaking at 250rpm.
Optional 4, 8, 12 and 16 channels available, suitable for orthogonal test, uniform test and DE design test..
Combining “online pH measuring technology” and “micro pulse feeding technology”, the ZWYB-292 pH automatic pulse feeding shaking bioreactor is a new biological shaking bioreactor that achieves high throughput & high efficiency for microorganism strains screening and optimization of cell culture conditions. It helps observe the process of strain growth, strains screening and determines the best growth environment, thus greatly improves the efficiency of biological fermentation study.

ZWYB-292 pH automatic pulse feeding shaking bioreactor
Online precise measurement, setting and automatic pH level controlling;
Closed-loop micro feeding function for optimized control of microorganism culture process;
Continuous interactive control of pH level and media feeding;
Showing the full trend of culture process with graphic display;
Automatically controls the feeding rate and shows the actual various rate curves.
Special customized shake flasks with ports for feeding and electrode, significantly improves the oxygen supply.
This product can be widely used in research of different microorganism strains, preparation of production strains, conversion of microorganism cells, and catalysis of whole cell enzymes in the field of biological chemical industry to improve the strain screening efficiency and optimize the fermentation process.
Analytica China is the largest international exhibition in the fields of analysis and biological chemical technology in Asia, the platform for domestic leading companies to showcase their new achievements in both products and solution oriented services. LABWIT’s booth is themed with bright pink color, embodying a modern corporate image. Two new LABWIT shaking bioreactors with innovative and leading technology are widely acknowledged by experts, further strengthening LABWIT’s brand awareness as a unique high-end lab instrument supplier. During the full course of exhibition, LABWIT hosted visitors from over 20 countries and regions such as Germany, Sweden, England, Canada, Egypt, India, Japan and Malaysia for future cooperation.

Over the last two decades since establishment, LABWIT has been committed to providing innovative and optimum solutions with quality laboratory equipments to the life science and industrial divisions. They strives incessantly for excellence while catering unique needs of customers, it is this dedication to innovation that differentiate LABWIT from the competitions. LABWIT has obtained over 130 patents from National Intellectual Property Administration, supplied over 10,000 lab instruments in China, and sold thousands of products to clients in over 40 countries and regions such as Germany, UK, France, Holland, Switzerland, South Africa, Chile, Thailand, Spain, Belgium, Singapore, Australia and Malaysia. LABWIT is thrived to serving the biological sciences in the field of lab instrument manufacturing for biological sciences all over the world with continuous innovation and outstanding product quality.