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Amazon Filters : New Filters Reduce Speciality Ink Manufacturing Costs

hits:1649     Date:10/09/17
               High Efficiency Filters Reduce Speciality Ink Manufacturing Costs

Amazon Filters has supplied a leading speciality ink manufacturer with SupaPleat II cartridge filters to ensure the high quality of the UV curing inks they supply through their own sales channels and to third parties selling inkjet printing systems.

Previously the company had used pleated polypropylene filters, supplied by a different filter supplier, but trial work demonstrated that switching to Amazon's SupaPleat II ink filters offered significant cost savings. Now all inks in the Speciality Ink manufacturers鈥 packaging process are filtered through Amazon Filters 10-micron SupaPleat II ink filters. The new system, consisting of two 10-inch cartridges and a blanking adaptor inside a filter housing, enables filtration of a 1000kg batch of UV curing ink in around 45 minutes.

The high surface area pleated design of SupaPleat II ink filters is widely proven to suit industrial processes where high levels of efficiency are required, whilst maintaining extremely low-pressure losses. In-house research and development has optimised this exceptionally efficient filter media to give higher levels of porosity, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility give excellent build quality.

Printed items such as product packaging, posters and other promotional material are vital components in the marketing efforts of commercial companies. The quality and impact of these materials is highly dependent on the quality of the ink used in the printing process. For example - high levels of particles will have a negative impact on the final finish. Therefore, fine filtration plays a critical role in ensuring the required quality standards of the inks are achieved. Amazon Filters is a leading supplier of high efficiency filters and filtration systems to a growing number of digital ink and inkjet printer manufacturers. 

For further information on standard and bespoke filtration systems for ink filtering applications please visit www.amazonfilters.com/products/filter-cartridges-and-capsules/pleated-filters/supapleat-plus-ink/ or contact Amazon Filters on +44-1276-670600 / sales@amazonfilters.co.uk 

Amazon Filters Ltd. design and manufacture an extensive range of liquid filtration systems, providing one of the widest selections of filter vessels, along with depth and pleated cartridges available today. As a leading manufacturer of filtration systems, Amazon Filters can offer a solution to meet all filtration requirements. Amazons鈥 filters are manufactured in clean room conditions and all products come with detailed Product Validation Guides and Technical Support documentation. To view a video on Amazon Filters design and manufacture capabilities please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG9S6SLDgM4   


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Amazon Filters Ltd.
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