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Telstar: automated loading and unloading technology and in-house sterilization technology

Hits:2416   Date: 6/6/2017
Designed primarily for terminal sterilization processes in autoclaves with a capacity of over 50 m3
Telstar incorporates robotic solutions to the product loading/unloading processes in large size autoclaves
  • The company takes a further step in the development of pharmaceutical terminal sterilization integrated systems using automated and robotic loading/unloading technology
  • The integration of an automated system increases performance and productivity by 40% in the overall production process, and provides an average reduction of 15% of the duration of the sterilization cycle. Energy consumption savings of up to 20% are also proven
Terrassa (Barcelona) 2017, June 5th. New automated product handling systems for automatic loading and unloading processes have been integrated in high-capacity pharmaceutical sterilization systems. The new robotized solution will be incorporated in the SteriDelta autoclave which, above 50m3, has been designed for sterilizing large size parenteral products.

Telstar has taken a further step in the integrated solutions for pharmaceutical sterilization process equipment integrating robotic and automated loading and unloading technology and in-house sterilization technology.
Regarding the automatic process for loading products into the autoclave, the sterilization system integrates robotized processing prior to loading products from the filling equipment and begins to classify and place the packaged material (bags, bottles, etc..) on trays and, subsequently, places them on the transport conveyors which, in turn, are placed on the automatic loading system to be fed into the autoclave chamber. Once the sterilization process has been completed, the unloading system extracts the product from the autoclave at a maximum temperature up to 80ºC and the load is placed automatically on the packaging line. Unlike the manual loading and unloading process, which requires putting the product through a cooling phase until reaching a temperature of 40ºC so that it can be unloaded from the chamber, the automated process integrated to the SteriDelta range enables to unload at higher temperature, up to 80ºC, which provides greater efficiency with an average reduction of 15% of the duration of the sterilization cycle and saving up to 20% in energy consumption.
By launching this new system onto the market, Telstar is enhancing its response to the increase in demand for sterilization systems which has grown 40% in the last two years, particularly for sterilization equipment designed for larger size pharmaceutical products within the SteriDelta range, the larger superheated water autoclaves which have been developed for conducting faster sterilization cycles with greater energy efficiency. Designed to sterilize large batches of parenteral solutions, the equipment includes control systems which allow it to balance the pressure between the inside of the container and the autoclave chamber during the heating and cooling stages, ensuring that the process is developed under an uniform temperature and that the packaging remains physically intact when the cycle finishes.
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