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Vacuum drying ovens conceived in the Tuttlingen Technology Center

Hits:3332   Date: 11/12/2007

BINDER VD, VDL and VDL EX-Zone 2: Absolutely reliable drying

BINDER GmbH sets new standards with its vacuum drying ovens series VD, VDL and VDL EX-Zone 2. Series VD for non-flammable solvents delivers impressive performance for safe drying through homogenous temperature distribution, thanks to the APT.line™ air jacket system. Optimum heat transfer through patented expansion rack technology; the racks can be positioned as needed and are easy to clean. In addition to these many features, the units have an individually programmable controller. The VDL series for flammable solvents guarantees maximum safety for drying of organic solvents, complete with a TÜV GS safety certificate. The interior chamber is designed in accordance with the ATEX Directive for Zone 2. The VDL series EX-Zone 2 is designed for operation in explosion hazard areas EX-Zone 2, in full compliance with ATEX requirements. Our special safety package eliminates any risk.

All BINDER vacuum drying ovens provide drying with no residues, no danger of incrustation, and no oxidation – all under gentle cycle conditions. We have also developed a special customized safety concept for your individual requirements that sets new standards in safety pursuant to ATEX, all while maintaining our usual perfect performance and quality.

BINDER – the complete solution - It doesn’t get any better than this

As an option, BINDER can supply units with a customized vacuum pump as a separate vacuum module. Customers thus benefit from a fully integrated unit with a drying oven and pump. This reduces the noise level by 50% and significantly simplifies access to the drying oven. Installation could not be easier, since the supplied kit contains all connections needed for use in explosion hazard areas in full compliance with ATEX requirements This solution is of course also available in the standard version. BINDER presently offers the most comprehensive range of vacuum drying ovens worldwide.