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CSH Asia 2015 Conferences - Francis Crick Symposium: Advances in Neuroscience

Hits:2186   Date: 5/8/2015

Francis Crick Symposium: Advances in Neuroscience
Date:29th Jun- 3rd Jul, 2015

Yang Dan, University of California, Berkeley, USA
鲁白, 清华大学
Masashi Yanagisawa, UT Southwestern, USA
Botond Roska, Friedrich Miescher Institute, Switzerland

Major Topics:
1.Novel Methods for studying neural circuit function and development
2.Basic and translational research using primates

Invited Speakers:
Jose Carmena, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Abstract title:Large-scale neural circuit dynamics during neuroprosthetic skill learning 
Abstract title:The Type VI Adenylyl Cyclase Regulates Reversal Memory via Controlling the Level of NR2B-containing NMDA Receptors 
Sumantra Chattarji, National Centre for Biological Sciences, INDIA
Yang Dan, University of California, Berkeley, USA
薛一蘋, 台湾中央研究院 
Abstract title:Neural Morphogenesis and Neurodevelopmental disorders – Tbr1 haploinsufficiency results in aberrant axonal extension and NMDAR hypoactivation in autism spectrum disorders 
胡海岚, 浙江大学
Abstract title:Neural mechanism of social hierarchy 
李澄宇, 中国科学院上海生命科学研究院
Abstract title:Dynamical neural circuitry for working memory 
Michael Lin, Stanford University School of Medicine, USA
鲁白, 清华大学
罗敏敏, 北京生命科学研究所
Abstract title:Encoding reward and punishment signals by the dorsal raphe
Andres Villu Maricq, the Univeristy of Utah, USA
Abstract title:Engines of Change: Kinesin, CamKII and Synaptic Plasticity 
Anthony Movshon, New York University, USA
饶毅, 北京大学
Botond Roska, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, SWITZERLAND
Anna Wang Roe, Vanderbilt University, USA
Pankaj Sah, University of Queensland, Australia
Abstract title:Neural circuits between the hippocampus, prefrontal cortex and amygdala 
Nirao Shah, University of California, San Francisco, USA
Abstract title:Neural control of sexually dimorphic behaviors
Vikaas Sohal, University of California San Francisco, USA
Abstract title:Prefrontal interneurons and gamma oscillations in cognition and disease
Hee-Sup Shin, Institute for Basic Science, Korea
Abstract title:Wireless brain stimulation reward system to study interactive social behaviors in mice 
孙毅, 同济大学医学院
Lin Tian, University of California, Davis campus, USA
Abstract title:Illuminating neuroglial signaling with genetically encoded indicators of neural activity in a human stem cell model of Down Syndrome 
Xiaoqin Wang, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Abstract title:Marmoset as a model system for studying neural basis of audition and social communication 
Masashi Yanagisawa, HHMI/UT Southwestern, USA
Hongkui Zeng, Allen Institute for Brain Science, USA
Abstract title:Genetic approaches to brain cir

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