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BioEco 2007---A BioEconomy partnership symposium joins over 3,000 ...

Hits:5598   Date: 3/16/2007
A BioEconomy partnership symposium joins over 3,000 participants around the world include 200 brilliant speakers.
The event which is initiated and sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and Tianjin Municipal Government, manages to provide an opportunity for biotech professionals, government officials, business leaders and etc. around the world to exchange their advanced knowledge, skills, policies and experiences in the application of biotechnology. Therefore the major themes of BioEco 2007 will be: BioEconomy for Everyone.
A 6000-sqm exhibition will be held to supply the opportunity to showcase your company with a tabletop exhibit during the BioEco 2007 on June 26-28 in Tianjin, China. A lot of greatest achievements in Chinese biotechnology and international advanced products will be shown in the exhibition. Exhibiting at this event promises to provide your company an excellent position at the conference, which will help to increase industry awareness of your company or institution, identify and contact strategic partners, expand your net-work, and strengthen existing relationships. Based on this professional event and exhibition, our target is to build a platform with international influence in biological technology and industry developing communi-cation.
Ministry of Science and Technology, P.R.China
Tianjin Municipal Government
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Health
General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
State Environmental Protection Administration
State Forestry Bureau
State Food and Drug Administration
State Intellectual Property Office
Chinese Academy of Science
National Natural Science Foundation of China
State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs
State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Health Department General Logistics Department, P.L.A
United Nations Development Programme
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
World Health Organization
European Commission
China National Center for Biotechnology Development
Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission
Tianjin Binhai New Area Management Commission
Tianjin Economic – Technological Development Area Management Commission
China National Scientific Instruments & Materials Imp/Exp Corporation
China Northern Technology Exchange Market
Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Information Research Institute
Tianjin Municipal External Science – Technology Communication Center
There will be 8 sections products shown in the exhibition:
Section 1 Bioagriculture
Topics: Latest breakthroughs and trends in the research of transgenic plants, super hybrid rice, embryo transfer, cloning technology, bio-fertilizer, bio-pesticide, bio-degradable plastic film, avian & veterinary vaccine, veterinary bio-drug, animal hormone, new feed additive, etc.
Section 2 Biomedicine
Topics: Latest breakthroughs and trends in the prevention and treatment of dread infected disease and the research of bio-pharmacy, bio-chips, genetic diagnosis, gene therapy, stem cell, tissue (organ) engineering, etc.
Section 3 Traditional Chinese Medicine and System Biology
Topics: Biological basis of Chinese diagnosis, substantial basis and match rules of traditional Chinese Medicine, using modern biology methods and technology, such as metabonomics, proteomics and bioinformatics, to improve TCM innovation ability,research and constitute international standard and canonical research on TCM, promote Chinese medicine products entering international market, develop scientific innovation in international medicine field.
Section 4 Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology
Topics: Latest breakthroughs and trends in the R&D of bio-material and enzymes; biotech application in foodstuff industry, feed industry, chemical industry, plastic industry, textile industry and paper-making industry, etc.
Section 5 Bioenergy
Topics: The actualities and prospects of bioenergy industry in the world; the promote policies and investment environment for bioenergy; the focus and trends of biotech development. Latest breakthroughs and trends in the research of fuel alcohol, bio-diesel, hydrogen bio-production, biogas technology, bio-oil, bio-mining, energy plant variety, fuel wood variety, etc.
Section 6 Bioresource
Topics: Latest breakthroughs and trends of biotech application in the treatment wastewater, organic garbage, salt-drought-tolerant grass and tree, saline-alkaline ponds improvement, eco-environment. Development and utilization of plant resource, such as energy plants, economic plants, fibrous plants, lipid plants, aromatic plants, edible plants, etc; and microorganism resource, such as microbial, human genetic, marine biological resources, etc.
Section 7 Chemical Drugs and Drug Safety
Topics: Latest technology and methods of new chemical drugs, such as design ,synthesis, high-flux screening and so on; latest progression of pre-clinical metabolism, pharmacodynamics evaluation, pre-clinical safety evaluation ,clinical safety evaluation and drug delivery system of chemical drug , bio-tech drug and traditional Chinese medicine;global developmental trends of registering regulations and standards
Section 8 Business Forum
Topics: Status and trends of bioindustry in the world, bioindustry related strategy, policy; the operational ways and means of investment, financing, and market entrance promise of bio-products and protecting of intellectual property rights; the trade and exchange in bioindustry.
Fees for exhibit
1) International standard booth package:(9 m2)USD2800.00
Contains: carpet, booth front, one table, two table chairs, one wastebasket, two lamps on front, one lamp on backboard, and one electrical outlet.
2) Special fitment: should be more than 36 m2, (USD180.00/m2), confirm individually.
Contact information:
Contact person: Wan Zhenzhen, Xue Chao, Sun Zhao
Telephone number: 86-10-65128174 65272053
Fax number: 86-10-65132647   65136113
Email address: expo@csimc.com.cn
Address: No.75, Dengshikou Street, Beijing, China 100006
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