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Vaccine World CIS and CEE 2013 (7-8 Nov 2013, Moscow, Russia)

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Vaccine World CIS and CEE 2013

Vaccine World CIS and CEE 2013 
7-8 November 2013
Moscow, Russia
Led by popular demand from industry players and in-depth research, coupled with high growth in Russia鈥檚 pharmaceutical sector, this event promises to be a fantastic learning and networking experience!
5 top reasons to attend:
  • Grab your piece of the pie by taking advantage of the current growth in the region. Understand the market to develop the best entry strategies
  • Understand latest regulatory changesimposed by the Russian Government.
  • Meet and network with opinion leaders from CIS & CEE countries, and the rest of the world.
  • Exchange ideas on innovative technologies in the vaccine market
  • Learn about good manufacturing practices and manufacturing excellence to conform to international standards.
Sales and Marketing Opportunities at Vaccine World CIS & CEE Summit 2013
Apart from branding opportunities to the general CIS & CEE market, the event promises to offer a targeted audience of vaccine leaders which means your branding would be focused not just on anyone but the right decision makers of the market that can put pen to paper.
The Vaccine World CIS & CEE 2013 Summit promises to bring these leaders together under one roof and hence offer you opportunities to meet and network with them on a one-one basis. We know that each company has its own marketing objectives which change over time which is why it鈥檚 important to discuss how best we can align these objectives with your potential involvement at the event.
To discuss this and more, please feel free to contact Natasha Jiandani  at (Tel & Fax) - +65-6493-1871 or Email - natasha.jiandani@imapac.com  
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