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Cooled incubators from BINDER - flexible and reliable

Hits:2933   Date: 4/18/2013
BINDER GmbH includes incubators with traditional compressors and Peltier modules to its range of products
More and more, today's customer demands require complex, versatile solutions. Each application wants to be handled in its own individual way with the logical inference that the range of products will cater to the specific needs of the application. For this reason, BINDER GmbH includes cooled incubators with two different technologies in its range of products. The products of the KB series include traditional units with compressor technology and the products of the KT series with state-of-the-art Peltier modules. Cooled incubators are part of every laboratory where cell biology, microbiology or molecular biology methods are used in biology, medicine, pharmaceutical research or the food industry. They create a constant microclimate for the development and growth processes of microorganisms and cell cultures.
Cooled incubator with Peltier module
Cooled incubator with Peltier moduleOnly recently has Peltier technology found its way into the biomedical world of cooled incubators. The state-of-the-art Peltier element consists of semiconductor blocks connected electrically in series and thermally in parallel and have the capability of transferring heat via the current flow. The strengths of this technology are in its simple scalability and finely metered temperature control. Compared to conventional cooled incubators with compressor technology, the Peltier element is considerably smaller and generally vibration-free and silent. The system requires no harmful or flammable refrigerants, thus ensuring greater safety and better environmental sustainability. At the same time, the system proves its value with fast heating up times and high maximum temperatures on the basis of conventional tubular heating elements. Low purchase prices and energy efficient operation also mean an outstanding cost/performance ratio. Due to their robust construction and easy maintenance, cooled incubators with Peltier module are well ahead of conventional units in regards to service. The KT series is particularly suited for applications with increased heat input, e.g. from internal shakers or for incubators at ambient temperature. In this temperature range, the units achieve maximum energy efficiency.
Electronically controlled temperature range
The temperature range for KT units is between 4°C and 100°C and is electronically controlled. The maximum temperature of 100°C serves to conveniently and safely disinfect the units and at the same time, reduces the risk of contamination while removable shelves make cleaning the units easier. A state-of-the-art controller guides the user intuitively through the control panel, making it easy to program. The controller handles up to 56 programs with up to 100 program lines each, which are saved together with the measured values on an internal 2 GB SD card.
Cooled incubators with compressorCooled incubators with compressor
The cooling system of the traditional cooled incubator of the KB series is driven by a powerful compressor and the heat from non-flammable refrigerant absorbed and dissipated by 2-part evaporator plates. In comparison to the KT series, the traditional cooled incubator has higher cooling rates, greater heat compensation and a lower minimum temperature. If the incubator is used at temperatures below 10 °C, energy consumption is considerably lower than for KT units. An integrated MP controller is responsible for more precise control of time and temperature. Using two programs each with 10 sections or one program with 20 sections, the user can easily specify the required temperature profile between -5 °C and 100 °C. The incubators of the KB series are particularly suited for applications at high ambient temperatures or for incubating at lower temperatures.
Homogeneous temperature distribution
A common feature of all BINDER cooled incubators is the patented APT.line™ technology. This preheating chamber technology ensures a constant-temperature, horizontal air flow from both sides, thus ensuring homogeneous temperature distribution throughout the inside of the chamber even under full load. A 27-point measurement according to DIN 12880 and temperature control accurate to a tenth of a degree ensure long-term stable conditions with reliable, reproducible incubation results.
Peltier technology creates new possibilities for cooling in special applications. Peltier units are particularly cost- and energy-efficient when operated at or around ambient temperatures. In addition, they operate quieter and with less vibration, and are very environmentally friendly because refrigerants are not required.
In contrast, compressor-drive cooling systems have greater performance reserves for higher temperature dynamics and show their strengths at low operating temperatures with greater efficiency.
Both technologies have their specific advantages and cover the complex fields of application of cooled incubators. BINDER GmbH has recognized this requirement and therefore includes cooled incubators with compressor and Peltier module in its range of products.
The power house: KB

     •   Greater power reserves for higher temperature dynamics 
     •   Greater heat compensation 
     •   Minimum temperatures down to -5°C attainable 
     •   Proven technology

State of the art: KT

     •   Reduction in vibration and noise emissions 
     •   Avoidance of polluting or flammable refrigerants 
     •   Cost- and energy-efficient operation 
     •   Low purchase price