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Agilent Technologies Introduces Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump Portfolio

Hits:2844   Date: 8/27/2010

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced a new line of turbomolecular high vacuum pumps, well-suited for ultra-high vacuum (UHV) applications requiring the highest level of compression ratios for light gases.

Using patented TwisTorr molecular drag technology, Agilent has developed the Turbo-V 750 TwisTorr, the Turbo-V 850 TwisTorr and the Turbo-V 2300 TwisTorr . The new turbomolecular pumps greatly increase pumping efficiency in a very compact space and provide significant improvements in performance. Turbomolecular high vacuum pumps are used for various applications including analytical instrumentation; thin film deposition; space simulation; fusion technology; particle accelerators and synchrotrons; and other industrial applications.

"The TwisTorr technology represents a significant step in the evolution of hybrid turbo high vacuum pumps," said Giampaolo Levi, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s Vacuum Products Division. "Agilent is committed to providing innovative vacuum solutions offering unmatched performance and best-in-class compression ratio in the most compact space available."

The innovative TwisTorr technology delivers high pumping speed with a very compact rotor design, reducing power consumption and system footprint. High foreline pressure tolerance permits the use of a smaller, low-cost backing pump, further reducing system size. The TwisTorr pumps also feature a unique bearing and dry lubrication suspension system that is maintenance-free, eliminates oil and risk of contamination, and permits installation in any orientation.

Additionally, the Turbo-V 2300 TwisTorr pump has a dedicated rack controller unit, making it ideally suited for accelerator and synchrotron light-sources and other radioactive applications.

The Turbo-V 750 TwisTorr and Turbo-V 850 TwisTorr offer a pumping system with a fully integrated 48Vdc controller or as a standalone pump with a universal voltage rack controller unit. The high-performance level of the Turbo-V 750 TwisTorr and the Turbo-V 850 TwisTorr allows a wide range of applications. OEM customers in need of system integrations have access to fully integrated electronics in several applications, such as analytical instrumentation, thin-film deposition and surface analysis. Research institutes and universities that require manual pump operation can use the full-rack controller solution.

The TwisTorr line will be available to order in September.

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