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Fire! -- Another unique application for BINDER drying ovens

Hits:3220   Date: 6/28/2010

When the fire brigade is called, speed is essential. Every lost minute can mean loss of life. Between calls, however, the firefighting equipment has to be carefully maintained and serviced, since its proper functioning is literally a matter of life and death. Adequate maintenance and care is a fundamental requirement for successful firefighting operations.

For example, firefighters use respirators to protect against smoke and other health hazardous vapors. The masks for these respirators are disinfected after use and then cleaned in a water bath. The excess water is allowed to drip off, and the masks are then dried overnight in a drying oven.

What sort of oven do they use? None other than a BINDER FD or FED series drying oven. The drying temperature is kept at 50 – 60 ºC [122 – 140 ºF]. After one night in the drying chamber, the masks are tested and are then ready again for use. This is a daily routine. High-quality BINDER drying ovens ensure a constant drying temperature, which also increases the service life of the respirators. Many German fire stations are using this unique drying technology and are enthusiastic about its usefulness and functionality. Uwe Baumann, firefighter and equipment manager at the Singen Fire Department, describes his experience with BINDER drying ovens as “almost like ’plug and play’ on a computer. Every day we have 12 dry respirators ready for use in the next operation. In exceptional cases, we can even dry up to 21 respirators!” BINDER offers five different types of drying ovens with capacities ranging from 53 - 720 L, and are thus able to rapidly dry 4 to almost 60 masks. Another intelligent solution that can help save lives.