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Testa Analytical: Modular Light Scattering System for Research Applications

Hits:93   Date: 5/18/2022
The BI-200SM goniometer from TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K has been designed to make it the finest instrument available for research applications of light scattering.
Offering unmatched performance for both Static Light Scattering (SLS) and Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) experiments the BI-200SM research goniometer is a precision instrument for undertaking exacting measurements.


Favored by leading research groups around the world, the BI-200SM’s modularity makes system expansion simple. Featuring a standard optical rail, the BI-200SM can be used with neutral density filters, polarizers, auxiliary analyzers, additional lasers, and a reference detector. Research groups with special sample requirements can often be accommodated by changing the cell holder design or size.
Based on a special turntable with precision ball bearings and stepping motor, the Bl-200SM’s advanced design and quality construction guarantee precise measurements due to the wobble-free movement of the detector. The system is field proven in hundreds of laboratories and has become a light scattering research standard for macro-molecular studies and submicron particle sizing.
By taking advantage of the multiple inputs available on the BI-200SM’s proprietary digital correlator a new capability of the BI-200SM system was created. By adding an optical signal splitter to the beam of scattered light and a second detector it is possible to eliminate the effects of very high-speed interference from the detector(s). This Cross Correlation System provides remarkably clean data.
For further information on the BI-200SM research goniometer please visit or contact Testa Analytical Solutions on +49-30-864-24076 /

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