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CD ComputaBio Launches Homology Modeling Service for Drug Screening and Discovery

Hits:103   Date: 7/26/2021
As a reliable computational biology service provider based in New York, CD ComputaBio has recently launched homology modeling service to help researchers deeply understand the structure-activity relationship of the target protein, and provide strong support for structure-based rational drug design, protein function research, and protein engineering research. Relying on its professional team and advanced technology, as well as high-quality products and services, CD ComputaBio has gained a solid reputation.
Generally speaking, the three-dimensional structure of proteins is mainly determined by experimental methods, such as X-ray crystallography or NMR spectroscopy (nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy). In fact, technical difficulties have made the determination of the three-dimensional structure of proteins quite slow, and due to many reasons, the three-dimensional structure of some proteins is still difficult to know.
“After many years of research and exploration, CD ComputaBio overcomes the technical problems of determination of the three-dimensional structure of proteins. With the help of computer simulation technology, our scientists have developed a series of prediction methods. Among them, the most important technology is homology modeling. ” Commented Senior Scientist of CD ComputaBio.
Homology modeling is the general term for converting primary sequences into 3D structures based on template proteins. It is currently the most effective method for predicting the three-dimensional structure of proteins. It is widely used because of its simplicity, efficiency and high accuracy. According to the theory that the three-dimensional structure of homologous proteins is more conservative than the protein sequence, under the premise that the identity of the protein sequence is greater than 30%, a protein with an unknown structure can use one or more related structures to construct its three-dimensional structure .
“The services provided by CD ComputaBio are based on cutting-edge computational platform and techniques in this field with accuracy and sensitivity. We can provide a fast turnaround, clear concise written reports, and custom service to help customers resolve their technical challenges.” Said Product Manager of CD ComputaBio.
CD ComputaBio provides a variety of protein structure modeling services, including:
Folding recognition service
Antibody modeling service
Fusion protein modeling service
Membrane protein modeling service
About CD ComputaBio
With years of experience, CD ComputaBio can provide customers with professional computational biology services. Utilizing rich experience and powerful technology in computational science, the company can provide customers with many computational biology analysis services such as molecular dynamics simulation, drug design, virtual screening, quantum chemical calculations, etc.
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