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Aptamer Group and WuXi AppTec Research Service Division Collaborate to Identify New Optimer™ Enabled Therapeutics

Hits:107   Date: 7/23/2021

York, UK (July 22, 2021) – Aptamer Group, the developer of Optimer™ therapeutics and diagnostics, and WuXi AppTec Research Service Division, an integrated chemistry and biology research platform, today announce a research collaboration to identify new Optimer™-enabled therapeutics.
The collaboration will aim to identify Optimers for use as Optimer-drug conjugates for targeted delivery of diverse payloads to new cellular targets. Achieving targeted delivery of drugs to specific tissues and organs can increase the therapeutic dose at site of action to increase therapeutic efficacy, and reduce off-target effects to improve patient tolerability. This remains a major translational challenge for many new precision medicines.
As part of the agreement, Aptamer Group will develop Optimers to specific disease biomarkers and supply them to WuXi AppTec Research Service Division for further evaluation as potential delivery vehicles.
Dr Arron Tolley, Chief Executive Officer of Aptamer Group, commented: “Aptamer Group is pleased to be developing novel Optimers for use as delivery vehicles in partnership with WuXi AppTec Research Service Division. This work further validates our Optimer platform as a flexible solution that can be integrated into therapeutic pipelines to potentially accelerate development and deliver important, life-changing therapeutics for patients with hard to treat diseases.”
About Aptamer Group
Aptamer Group is a leading provider of Optimer™ reagents for use in research, diagnostics and therapeutics. The Company strives to deliver transformational solutions, that meet the needs of researchers and developers across the life sciences through the use of its proprietary Optimer technology.

Optimers are affinity ligands derived from nucleic acids that function as an antibody alternative. Despite many well-recognised problems with antibodies, the global antibody market is currently worth over $145Bn. Optimers are engineered to address many of the issues found with alternative affinity molecules, such as antibodies, and offer new, innovative solutions to bioprocessing, diagnostic and pharmaceutical scientists.

At Aptamer Group, we have successfully delivered projects for global pharma companies, diagnostic development companies, and research institutes covering a range of targets and applications with the objective of establishing royalty-bearing licenses. Through our unique technology and processes, we enable scientists and collaborators to make faster, more informed decisions that support discovery and development across the Life Sciences.
About WuXi AppTec Research Service Division
The WuXi AppTec Research Service Division (RSD) supports clients in the discovery and development of future therapeutics. Through comprehensive discovery and technology platforms, peer-recognized scientific leadership and expertise in oncology, immunology, infectious disease, neurosciences, fibrosis, cardiovascular and metabolic disease, RSD works collaboratively to rapidly advance programs from target through to preclinical selection and beyond.

RSD’s discovery platform encompasses biology, chemistry, structural biology, biophysics and ADME/PK, in addition to the capabilities of newly acquired HD Biosciences (HDB), and is trusted by over 3,000 international clients, ranging from pharma and biotech to academia and non-profit institutions.

This integration of capabilities allows a collaborative environment, enabling enhanced efficiency and productivity. WuXi AppTec RSD strives to continually develop and enhance its scientific capabilities and technology to maintain its industry leading position. We aim to provide outstanding services to our existing partners and to the broader discovery community!
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