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The 3rd Immuno-therapy & Companion Diagnostic Conference

Hits:1240   Date: 12/18/2020
The 3rd Immuno-therapy & Companion Diagnostic Conference 

December 17-18, 2020   Holiday Inn Shanghai Jinxiu
Key topics: 
* Immuno-therapy R&D process
* Cancer drugs clinical updates
* Biomarker discovery
* CDx development and partnering cases
* CDx regulation analysis
* Human genetic resources reporting
* Contacts:
Agenda at a glance
(Session A)  Immuno-Oncology: Clinical and R&D
DAY ONE| December 17
8:00 Registration
8:40 Opening Remarks
8:50 Grasp the golden era of oncology precision medicine

Guohong Shan, President of Greater China, Takeda
9:20 Tumor-targeted bispecific immunotherapy antibodies: the mechanism of action and the exploration of biomarkers
Dr. Xiangdong Qu, Co-founder, QuerBio
09:50 Development of next-generation small molecule I-O drugs
Dr. Xiaoning Guo, VP/Head of R&D,Chief Medical Officer, SciClone Pharmaceuticals
10:20 Coffee Break
10:40 Beyond PD-1/PD-L1, how Covance enabling China's Immuno-oncology 2.0 Era

Dr. Simon Yu, Head of Director, Laboratory Operations , Covance
11:10 New drug development strategy based on tumor immunosuppressive micro-environment
Dr. Guohuang Fan, Founder & CEO ,Immnophage Biotech
11:40 Panel Discussion
12:30 Lunch Buffet
14:00 Innovative development strategy of anti-PD-1/PD-L1 drug combination therapy

Dr. Archie Tse, Chief Translation Medicine Officer, CStone Pharmaceuticals
14:30 Perfect Combination: Immune Oncology and PARP Inhibitors
Dr. Steve Shen, Co-Founder & CEO, Convalife
15:00 NK therapy for cancer immunotherapy precision medicine
Chaohui Dai, VP, HyaMab
15:30 Coffee Break
15:50 Design and development of a new generation of bispecific antibodies for tumor
Dr. Jinming Gu , VP of Biologics Discovery , Qilu Shanghai Innovation Center
16:20 Biomarkers and Diagnostics in Hema-oncology Drug Development
Dr. Hong Yin, Head of Biomarker and Diagnostics, Amgen
16:50 the Immune-vascular crosstalk
Pro. Yuhui Huang, Suchow University
17:20 Panel Discussion
18:00 End OF DAY ONE

DAY TWO| December 18
8:50 MSI--The past and present of pan-tumor target detection

Dr. Linghua Yan, CEO, Tongshu Gene
09:20 The overview of Biomarker guided adaptive trial designs and case sharing
Dr. Yunxin Chen, Sr. Director of Biomarker, Bayer
09:50 Application of biomarker exploration in clinical development
Dr. Yun Zhang, Director of Biomarker, Beigene
10:20 Coffee Break
10:40Multi-omics translation platform helps research and development of drugs

Dr. Ernest Su, SVP,  Yucebio
11:10 Clinical Validation of Safety and Anti-tumor Immune Response
Dr. Yao Yao, VP of Biology and Translation Medicine, EOC Pharma
11:40 Panel Discussion
12:30 Lunch Buffet
14:00 Discovery of new targets for Cancer Immunotherapy

Pro. Jianxin Liu, Sun Yat-sen University School of Medicine
14:30 The R&D process of next generation target CTLA-4 antibody drugs: ONC-392
Dr. Xianfeng Fang, GM/ VP of R&D, OncoImmune
15:00 The challenge and opportunities of CAR-T therapy in solid tumor
Xiao Jun, Sr. Medical Director, CARsgen Therapeutics
15:30 Coffee Break
15:50 Application of molecular imaging technology in tumor immunotherapy

Dr. Tao Xu, Co-Founder&CEO, SmartNuclide BioPharma
16:20 FOXP3+ Regulatory T cells and anti-tumor immunotherapy
Prof. Bin Li , Vice Director(Research), Shanghai Institute of Immunology
16:50 Panel Discussion

(Session B) Oncology Companion Diagnostics: Regulation, Commercialization
DAY 1| December 17

8:00 Registration
8:40 Opening Remarks
8:50 CDx--China's regulatory progress and industry thinking and suggestions

Vicky Tao, VP of Medical Regulatory Affairs, Roche Diagonostics
9:20 Meeting the opportunities and challenges in the practice of liquid biopsy in the laboratory
Wei Guo, Director of Laboratory, Zhongshan Hospital
9:50 Agilent: Your best CDx partner
Yu Huang, Sr. Manager of Diagnostics Greater China, Agilent
10:20 Coffee Break
10:40 The application of non-invasive liquid biopsy-based bTMB in immunotherapy

Dr. Xian Zhang, Chief Medical Officer, Geneseeq
11:10 Companion diagnosis helps immunotherapy cope with the new situation
Dr. Yun Gao, Senior Medical Director, Berry Oncology
11:40 Panel Discussion
12:30 Lunch Buffet
14:00 Strategies and Challenges for Drug-Diagnostics Co-Development

Dr. Lucy Yin, Head of Precision Medicine & Biosamples(PMB) China, AstraZeneca
14:30 from bTMB to bMSI: liquid biopsy enabling precision immune
Yuezong Bai, VP of medical markets, 3D Medicines
15:00 The RNA biomarker platform: Bring precision medicine to more cancer patients
Tianqiu Zhang, GM of China, OncXerna
15:50 From Biomarker to CDx, NGS enabling cancer drugs to clinical efficiently
Xinru Mao, Sr. Director, Buring Rock Biotech
16:20 When does the clinical trial need CDx?
Dr. Fugen Li, SVP, Haihe Pharmaceuticals
16:50 The strategies of CDx Development and enable the drugs development
Dr. Tao Wang, VP/CTO, Repugene Technology
17:20 Panel Discussion

DAY TWO| December 18
8:50 Application of Simoa technology I-O

Bin Xu, FAE, Quanterix
9:20 The dPCR research process in CDx Application
Guihong Ban, VP, TargetingOne
9:50 The Value of CTC in Oncology Precision Medicine
Dr. Xiang Yu, VP, GenoSaber
10:20 Coffee Break
10:40 Aberrant regulation of microRNA processing - a new mechanism for inherited cancers

Prof. Min Qi, Chief Sequencing Expert, Zhejiang University
11:10 Functional detection and precision treatment of tumors
Dr. Kaimeng Hu, Director, Translation Medicine, LIDE Biotech
11:40 Panel Discussion
12:30 Lunch Buffet

(WORSHOP) Development Strategy of New Drug and CDx(Sponsored by Genetron)

14:00 Interpretation of Human Genetic Resources Management Regulations and Policies
Min Gao, Director, Shanghai Center of Biomedicine Development
14:30 CDx development and regulation
Dr. Yunfu Hu, Chief Medical Officer, Genetron Health
15:00 TCR precision-mediated T cell immunotherapy for solid tumors
Dr. Yi Li, President/ CSO, XLifeSc
15:30 Coffee Break
15:50 The CDx strategies in I-O 2.0 and Precision Medicine Era
Dr. Yizhong Ren, Medical Director, AnHeart Therapeutics
16:20 From Biomarker to Companion Diagnostics
Dr. Yiling Yu, Director of BIomarker, Beigene
16:50 Panel Discussion

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