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Alfa Chemistry Offers Fluorinated Building Blocks for Material, Medicinal, Agricultural, Organic Chemistry Research

Hits:92   Date: 10/27/2020
The benefits of fluorochemistry to pharmaceutical applications are obvious and the past decades has seen increasing synthesis of fluorinated compounds in the preparation of new pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. To better meet the growing needs of customers worldwide, the New York-based chemical supplier Alfa Chemistry announced to offer high-purity fluorinated building blocks for various application scenarios such as material, medicine, agriculture and organic chemistry.
Fluorinated building blocks are compounds containing negatively charged fluorine, and are usually used for preparing compounds. “In recent years, the preparations and the applications of fluorinated compounds have aroused widespread interest among scientists. Researchers have explored the possible benefits they could bring about to fields like material chemistry, medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry,” says a senior scientist from Alfa Chemistry.
At Alfa Chemistry, the two major types of fluorinated building blocks are: heterocyclic fluorinated building blocks and organic fluorinated compounds.
Heterocyclic Fluorinated Building Blocks
The history of fluorinated heterocycles can be traced back to almost over 90 years ago. However, with advances in new synthetic methods and emergence of more readily-handled fluorinating agents, the significance of heterocyclic fluorinated building blocks in anti-cancer treatment began to be manifested. More progress has been made after the discovery of the fluoroquinolone family of antibiotics. A particularly important member of this group, ciprofloxacine, was approved for human use in the US in the late 1980s. Heterocyclic fluorinated building blocks are widely used in medicinal chemistry and agriculture as well as other fields like energetic materials, fluorescent probes, electrophilic fluorinating agents.
Organic Fluorinated Compounds
Owing to the stability of carbon-fluorine chemical bonds, the applications of fluorine-containing organic compounds span virtually the whole range of the chemical and life science, including biological chemistry, material chemistry, transition metal chemistry. At Alfa Chemistry, alkenyl fluorinated building blocks, alkyl fluorinated building blocks, aryl fluorinated building blocks, and other fluorinated organic building blocks are all available. It never stops its steps of developing novel fluorine-containing building blocks that enable tighter and greater control over the chemical stability, and bioefficacy of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).
For more information about Alfa Chemistry’s fluorinated compounds, please visit to learn more.
About Alfa Chemistry

As always, Alfa Chemistry continues to serve as a professional and reliable vendor of building blocks, reagents, catalysts and reference materials. With almost two decades of endeavors, Alfa Chemistry has become a preferred choice of partner for many universities, research institutes as well as other organizations. Its broad range of product offerings cover heterocyclic organic compounds, boronic compounds, optoelectronic materials, organic building blocks, fluorinated building blocks, steroidal compounds, precious metal catalyst, material & chemicals, metal organics, nanomaterials, and more.