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FLIR Systems: Gas Leak Quantification with OGI Cameras

Hits:426   Date: 6/24/2020
FLIR Systems has published a new white paper that addresses common questions about quantitative Optical Gas Imaging (qOGI).

Historically OGI cameras have been limited to qualitative analysis, meaning that if a leak of a particular gas is occurring, there is little indication of how much is leaking. Recently through the combination of an existing OGI camera with an algorithmic qOGI solution, visualisation and quantification of mass and volumetric leak rates, as well as concentration over pathlength (ppm per meter) is now possible.


The white paper explores how a leader in the Oil and Gas industry has field tested the technology, exploring its viability for quantifying everything from upstream Information Collection Requests (ICR), tank emissions that are difficult to monitor leak detection, repair components (downstream) and maintenance/reliability monitoring.  This field testing demonstrates that while qOGI is a young technology, and no U.S. regulatory driver yet exists for its usage, its merits as a quantitative gas leak measurement tool are clear.

In addition to its obvious safety benefits over alternative gas quantification methods, qOGI has been through rigorous third-party testing from CONCAWE3 and proven to be easier, quicker, and more accurate than technologies like a Toxic Vapor Analyzer (TVA). qOGI is also cost-effective as an add-on to existing OGI cameras and positions oil and gas operators to be at the forward-thinking edge of environmental consciousness in the communities where they operate.


To learn more about qOGI and download the  white paper please visit

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