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CD Genomics Upgrades Cost-effective Genome Sequencing Services Related to DNA Research

Hits:251   Date: 5/21/2020
SHIRLEY, NY – May 20, 2020 - CD Genomics, an expert in transcriptomics and next generation sequencing company, announces the technical escalation of its sequencing services, The updated service ranges include three: plasmid DNA sequencing, bacterial genome sequencing and human genome sequence, which are based on some of the most powerful platforms in this field with unrivaled accuracy and sensitivity.
Plasmids are thought to play an important evolutionary role in microbial communities which is important carriers for bacterial populations to rapidly adapt to changing environmental conditions. The genetic variation produced by the plasmids carried within the population ensures robustness to environmental changes. Plasmid-mediated gene transfer plays an important role not only in the mobilization and spread of antibiotic resistance genes, but also in the pathogenesis of pathogens and the transmission of pathogenic determinants.
Despite their importance, technical barriers still limit plasmid research. Today, plasmid DNA sequencing is rapidly becoming the standard way to increase our understanding of the genetic diversity and evolutionary history of plasmids. Not only does it help define the molecular events that occur during the evolution of these plasmids, but it also provides a more comprehensive overview of the large number of helper genes encoded on the plasmid. And comparative plasmid sequence analysis provides insight into plasmid evolution and its relevance, their modular structure and the presence of hotspots for insertion of helper genes.
Just like plasmid DNA, repetitive stretches of DNA are abundant and are one of the main technical challenges that hinder accurate sequencing and genome assembly efforts. In the case of bacteria, the rRNA gene operon is often the largest region of repetitive sequence and range in size between 5 and 7 kb. The Illumina HiSeq platform utilizes sequencing by synthesis technology, that is limited by its read length, currently ranging from 50 to 300 bp, and as it requires PCR amplification of multiple DNA templates before sequencing, there is potential for base-composition bias which may bias the G+C content of the sequences. Bacterial genome sequencing has long read (average >15,000 bp, some reads >100,000 bp) and the highest consensus accuracy. It is especially helpful for genome de novo assembly.
In addition to the bacterial genome sequencing, another Pacbio sequencing- human genome sequence service also be upgraded.
CD Genomics has been providing accurate and cost-effective human genome sequence services for many years. It introduces the previously hidden PacBio SMRT technology, which has great potential for application in human genome sequencing. The long single-molecule reads reveal structural variations and produce direct variant phasing information across haplotype segments and methylation. This will help broaden the practicality of precision medicine, improve human health, and greatly promote the development of human monogenic diseases, complex diseases and tumor genomes.
“CD Genomics concentrates on supplying the high-quality services and products for labs and research institutes. We guarantee the developed products and services, which are customized, can meet the demands of our clients, who believe in our scientists and CD Genomics”, said Dr. David.
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