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Creative Proteomics Illustrates Protein Purity and Identification Services for Protein Scientists

Hits:65   Date: 5/20/2020
SHIRLEY, NY – May 19, 2020 - Creative Proteomics, a leading supplier in drug development services, has recently released its newly-developed protein identification service, molecular weight determination service and protein purity service for biologists, which is an indispensable process to improve protein test accuracy.
As mass spectrometry advances, the identification of protein and peptide is no longer cumbersome and time consuming. To shorten the time duration of protein identification and improve the accuracy of protein sequencing, Creative Proteomics has been working to optimize the mass spectrometry technology platform. It has developed a comprehensive protein identification pipeline from sample preparation, protein separation and purification, followed by mass analysis and finally to systematic bioinformatics analysis.
In addition to protein quantification services, protein purity services are also improved. Protein purity and homogeneity are two very important features of further protein research and biopharmaceutical applications. The purity of protein samples limits the application of protein products, so protein purity analysis and detection of contamination and residue levels are widely performed in the industry.
Common contaminants of protein products come from the culture medium or from extraction and purification procedures. Furthermore, proteins per se may exist in a variety of forms, for example, the protein may undergo post-translational modification or protein splicing, which results in addition or truncation to the protein structure, resulting in protein heterogeneity.
Creative Proteomics has developed a comprehensive analytical platform for analyzing molecular weight determination.
The determination of protein molecular weight is important in many applications. It’s essential for preliminary assurance that the recombinant product is synthesized as expected and it can indicate potential sequence variation and provide a high-level assessment of post-translational modifications (PTMs), including glycosylation. In addition, comparison of the observed mass to the mass expected from the primary sequence provides a preliminary assurance of amino acid composition.
Creative Proteomics can provide molecular mass determination service by using advanced technology and equipment. The high-resolution liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) methods provide accurate molecular weight information and complement size exclusion chromatographic methods.
“Creative Proteomics concentrates on supplying the advanced services and products for labs and research institutes. We guarantee the developed protein related services, which are customized, can meet the demands of our clients, who believe in our scientists and Creative Proteomics”, said Dr. Charlie.
More information is available at Creative Proteomics website.
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Creative Proteomics is committed to a full range of services to support various proteome-related researches from identification of single proteins to large-scale proteomics studies. The advancement of our proteomics analysis platforms and specialized employees allows us to provide efficient high throughput and super-sensitivity services.

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