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31st Experts Meet on Cancer Therapy & Immuno Oncology

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31st Experts Meet on Cancer Therapy & Immuno Oncology 

July 13-14, 2020          Singapore 

Theme: Enliven Prospective in Vitalizing the Medicine and Therapy against CANCER


About the conference
ConferenceSeries LLC Ltd invites all the participants from the world to attend the “31st Experts Meet on Cancer Therapy & Immuno Oncology” which gathers all the people to share their knowledge and have a discussion on the current issue on cancer and development of cancer therapies.


ConferenceSeries LLC Ltd organizes 300+conferences, 500+workshops and 200+ Symposiums on different branches like clinical, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences & Technologies every year from all over the world U.S.A, U.K, U.A.E, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Australia, India, Indonesia and from 1000 more scientific societies and published 500 open access journals with 30000 eminent personalities & reputed scientists as editorial members.


Who should attend?

Cancer Therapy Meeting 2020 is an expertise meet in the field of oncology where oncologists, scientists, researchers, medical students, pharmacists, R& D scholars, medical professors, gynecologists, molecular biologists, bioinformatics students and professors, radiologists, cancer research institutes to exchange ideas, communicate & discuss the research work and about new advancements in the cancer therapy and treatment.


Target audience






Biotechnology students

Bioinformatics students

Research scholars in cancer

R&D department in pharmacy

Robotic science researchers

Cancer research institutes

Professors & Students from cancer research centers

Cancer research universities in Asia-pacific regions

Why to attend?

With delegate scientists, renowned speakers from all over the world we are gathering people from all over the globe to have a spectacular conference in one place. This is the best opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from the different branches that are working on cancer therapy to reduce the mortality rate by providing highly effective therapy to the cancer patients.

Speakers will include world-renowned experts in all disciplines, offering a unique opportunity to highlight new technologies in all aspects of cancer therapy.


Contact us



Program Manager

Email: cancertherapy@asiameets.com   

Website: https://cancertherapy.cancersummit.org/