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The Gut Week Summit 2020

Hits:214   Date: 11/1/2019

September 8-11, 2020  Barcelona, Spain

Conference website: https://gut-week.eu/


From 8 to 11 of September 2020, Barcelona, Spain will host The Gut Week Summit 2020. This 2nd Annual event brings together leading scientists, physicians, and senior leaders to explore the potential insights into the Microbiota–Gut–Brain Axis, the Human Microbiome Market that exhibits significant potential in the near future and skin’s microbiome that has the potential to revolutionize the beauty and personal care industry.


The ability of gut microbiota to communicate with the brain is emerging as an exciting concept in health and disease. Mounting evidence, mostly from rodent studies, suggests that gut microbes help shape normal neural development, brain biochemistry, and behaviour.


The Gut Week Summit 2020 will be dedicated to help large pharma, biotech, academics and clinicians exploring and understand the Human Microbiome Market, GBA in demonstrating disease causation and changing perceptions of bacteria in the Skin Microbiome. Over the last decade, the microbiome has become one of the trendiest areas of biology, and the research has made clear that the microbiome is fundamental to overall health.


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