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Uniqsis Ltd: Optimised Modules for Flow Chemistry

Hits:218   Date: 9/11/2019
Uniqsis offers an extensive range of individual flow chemistry modules that can be used on any flow chemistry system.

These convenient, high quality, plug-and-play modules have been designed to enable researchers to configure a flow chemistry system precisely to meet their needs. Uniqsis flow chemistry modules include a comprehensive range of coil reactors and column reactors for homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions, static mixer blocks for fast efficient mixing, a choice of cooling modules for sub-ambient reactions, high performance photochemical reactors, real-time UV-vis detectors and external pumps for additional reagent channels.

Specifically designed to accommodate Uniqsis glass static mixer/reactor blocks (GSMs), the Hotchip™ is a versatile standalone heated reactor module that can be combined with an existing pump to build your own flow reactor system to increase throughput for scale-up applications.

For sub-ambient applications Uniqsis offer the Polar Bear Plus GSM™ that incorporates both active cooling down to -30oC and heating up to 150oC in a portable, compact unit.

The HotCoil™ is a heated coil reactor station able to operate up to 300°C compatible with a wide range of coil reactors from 2 to 60 ml with material options including PTFE, PFA, Stainless steel and Hastelloy™.

All Uniqsis coil reactor modules may be converted to multi-position column reactors by fitting the HotColumn™ adaptor. This is ideal for studying catalysis applications utilising up to 6 individual fixed bed reactor columns. Columns are available in a range of sizes in either glass or stainless steel.  

The compact Uniqsis Flow-UV™ detector fits conveniently into even crowded fume cupboards. Monitoring UV-visible absorbance or transmission data allows dispersion to be measured in real time and facilitates product collection according to the onset and decline of steady state conditions. 

The PhotoSyn™ is a high-power LED photoreactor lamp module for continuous flow applications. Available with a selection of different LED arrays the unit can provide outputs up to 700W from its dedicated programmable power supply.

With over 300 system installations in leading academic institutions, major Pharmaceutical / Biotech companies, CRO‘s and MRO’s around the world, Uniqsis flow chemistry modules are widely cited in many ground breaking research papers.

For further information on Uniqsis flow chemistry modules please visit http://www.uniqsis.com/paAccessories.aspx  or contact Uniqsis on +44-845-864-7747 / info@uniqsis.com.  
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