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Pribolab Participated in 41st Mycotoxin Workshop, Lisbon, Portugal

Hits:1693   Date: 5/14/2019
The 41st Mycotoxin Workshop Lisbon, Portugal” began with a grand opening ceremony on May 6, 2019.

41st Mycotoxin Workshop Lisbon 2019:
Pribolab was honored to be invited to this conference for an exhibition. This forum lasted for three days(6th~8th), and during which the experts and scholars from different countries made speeches and discussions surrounding the topic of  “Research Progresses in Food Safety and Mycotoxin”.

Pribolab, as one of the mainly sponsors of this conference, showed our representative products (including Mycotoxin Cleanup Column Series, Mycotoxin Liquid/Solid Standards, ELISA Kits and the corresponding equipments, etc.) in the exhibition.

Pribolab is a superior supplier that focusing on the development of mycotoxin testing products and technical services , and provides a long products line as well as solutions that comprehensively covering mycotoxins, food allergens, GMOs, pesticide and drug residues and illegal addictives in food safety area.

Pribolab is always making efforts to supply superior products that helps the precision testing, persisting on the product upgrading and technical innovation, and struggling to build a world-renowned brands.
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