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3rd Antibody-based Therapeutics and BioProduction Forum (ATBP2019)
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3rd Antibody-based Therapeutics and BioProduction Forum (ATBP2019)

Event Name: 3rd Antibody-based Therapeutics and BioProduction Forum (ATBP2019)
Event Date: Sept.4-6, 2019
Event Venue: InterContinental Shanghai Pudong
Organizer: Deliver Life Sciences
Supporter: SAPA-GP (Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association- Greater Philadelphia)
The Antibody and Antibody-based Therapeutics have entered the center stage of drug discovery. Roughly, as of end of 2017, over 70 antibody therapeutics have been approved. The market for therapeutic uses of antibody was valued at USD 85.4 Billion in 2015 and is expected to reach a value of USD 138.6 Billion by 2024. In the meanwhile, China has also witnessed the fast growth of biologics R&D over the past decade and the bioprocessing technology and manufacturing industry has matured rapidly. Following the earlier development of biosimilars, China Bio companies are moving quickly towards developing the second generation and novel biological products.
In return, produced and organized by Deliver Life Sciences, and under support of SAPA-GP, the 3rd Antibody-based Therapeutics and BioProduction Forum (鈥ATBP2019鈥) would invite over 60-70 domestic and international experts to build up and facilitate the communications and partnerships to accelerate Biologics R&D, Characterization and Production.
2018 Forum Main Discussions
Antibody-based Therapeutics Forum
- Recent trends and Development for Antibody Therapeutics
- The Development of Antibody Therapeutics in China
- Bispecific Antibodies Development and CMC Strategies
- Novel Antibody Development and Immuno-Oncology
- Antibody-Drug Conjugates Development
- Analytical Characterization of Biologics
- Biosimilar Development Strategies
 BioProduction Forum
- Innovation in Biologics Manufacturing
- Technologies and Paradigms for Early Stage Production
- Quality Control, cGMP Manufacturing and Externalization
- Cell Line and Upstream Process Development
- Viral Safety and Clearance of Biologics
- Biologics Formulation, Aggregation and Stability Studies
- Downstream Processing and Impurity Testing
- Single-use Systems, Continuous Processing and Flexible Facility
Forum Advisory/Session Chairs Committee
Prof. Rolf Werner, Professorship of Industrial Biotechnology, University of Tuebingen
Dr. Qinghai Zhao, Vice President, Technical Development and Manufacturing, Forty Seven Inc.
Dr. Alan Liss, President and CEO, GXP farma Inc (Former Division Director, US FDA)
Dr. Kenneth Kang, Vice President, Clinical and Commercial Manufacturing, Innovent Biologics
Dr. Ziping Wei, Chief Executive Officer, Bliss BioPharma
Dr. Scott Wheelwright, Principal Consultant, Complya Asia
Dr. Minmin Qin, Senior Vice President, Head of CMC, Harbour Biomed
Dr. Danny Chou, President and Founder Compassion BioSolution
Dr. Mary Hu, Chief Executive Officer, Shanghai Miracogen Inc.
Dr. Jerry Su, Chief Executive Officer, Zhejiang Huahai Biopharmaceuticals
Dr. Cheng Zhang, Chief Scientific Officer, Gmax BioPharma LLC
Dr. Xiao Shang, Senior Vice President, Shenogen Biopharma
Forum Speakers Committee (Partial)
Forum Agenda-at-a-Glance (Partial)
Forum Contact
In addition to delegation, this conference provides premier exhibition, poster display, oral presentation, workshop and guided 1-on-1 meetings.
For more information on speaking and exploring a variety of participation options, please contact:
Wei Zhang
Manager, Programs and Events
Organizing Committee
e| wzhang@deliver-consulting.com
t| +86-21-6034-0229
About the Producer
Deliver Life Sciences is a specialty producer and organizer of the conference, workshop, public training together with tailored solutions to serve the growing biomedical industry in Asia. Through looking into the current trends of regulation, scientific findings and cutting-edge technology and work with the leading associations, regulatory agencies, industry and academia KOLs, we translate, formulate and promote our offerings from basic medicinal research, discovery to development till commercialization.  For more information and our past events, please visit: www.diyi-consulting.com
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