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Porvair Sciences: Glass Bottom Microplates for Imaging Applications

Hits:324   Date: 4/26/2019
The family of ultra-flat Krystal™ glass bottom microplates from Porvair Sciences provide unmatched performance for high-throughput screening and tissue culture applications.

The automation-compatible Krystal™ plates combine the advantageous optical properties of glass, low background and low birefringence, with the versatility of a microplate. Precision engineered, using a polystyrene frame and a borosilicate glass sheet fixed to the base with a biocompatible adhesive, Krystal™ plates offer a high degree of planar flatness (+/- 50 microns) across the base, excellent light transmission and a flat optical plane for growing cells. In addition, the nominal cut-off wavelength of 335nm allows most fluorescence assays to be excited or read through the plate glass bottom. 

These unique advantages together also translate into a significant increase in measurement precision and elimination of read errors when performing cell-based assays using fluorescent or luminescent imaging. 

Krystal™ glass bottom plates are proven to demonstrate higher performance than standard polystyrene plates for whole plate CCD imaging, laser detection and high-resolution microscopy using confocal imaging. Available in a choice of ANSI/SLAS standard 96- and 384-well formats.

For further information on ANSI/SLAS standard 96- and 384-well format Krystal™ glass bottom plates please visit www.microplates.com/krystal-clear-bottom-opaque-sides/  or contact Porvair Sciences now on +44-1978-666222 / +1-800-552-3696 / int.sales@porvair-sciences.com. 

Established in 1992, Porvair Sciences is one of the largest global manufacturers of ultra-clean microplates and top-quality microplate equipment for life science, synthetic chemistry and many other applications. Porvair Sciences Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Porvair plc.

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