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2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Hebalism & Pharmacognosy
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2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Hebalism & Pharmacognosy

The 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Hebalism & Pharmacognosy during Sept 16-17 2019, Miami, USA. Herbalism 2019 aims to gather leading educational scientists, researchers and research students to exchange & share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Herbal and Traditional Medicine.
Herbalism 2019 main slogan is to address the challenges in making a safer, sustainable and affordable system for medication, and health through consolidating the underpinning Traditional Medicine research platforms. Herbalism and Pharmacognosy 2019 conference prepares a ground for seeding new concepts and nurturing knowledge through discussions and analysis on Herbal, Traditional and Alternative Medicine developments.
Herbalism 2019 is planned to be an ideal rostrum for prominent practitioners from Herbal, Unani, Ayurveda and Various practices of Alternative Medicine to showcase the benefits and importance of Naturopathy. Scheduled with a vision of promoting the Natural practice implemented as a therapy is going to play it's own role in the development of applicability of Medicine as there'll be a integration of outstanding & ingenious scientists with enthusiastic graduates from all the related fields. around the theme:" Promoting and Navigating the Future of Nature Medicine".
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Herbalism and Pharmacognosy-2019
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