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Resolve Optics: Large Format Lenses for High Resolution Cameras
hits:136     Date:03/12/19

Resolve Optics is a leading developer of custom large format lenses that meet the large image format demands of the latest generation of high-end megapixel line-scan and area scan cameras and sensors.

As camera manufacturers continue to increase sensor size, while simultaneously increasing pixel resolution, Resolve Optics custom large format lenses provide an optimised solution to enable these products to achieve their full performance potential opening the door to exciting new application solutions. 

As well as providing very high resolution over a large image format 鈥 Resolve Optics has designed diffraction-limited large format lenses with a large depth of field, low distortion edge to edge, application-specific F-number, exceptional contrast and a wide field of view for close-up imaging.

Drawing upon approaching 30 years experience 鈥 Resolve Optics Ltd. has built a strong reputation for specialist lens design and manufacture of production quantities of custom large format lenses on time to strict quality and target price guidelines. The company has the proven and rare capability to produce OEM quantities of custom lenses with the look, feel and quality equivalent to the best professional photographic lenses.

For further information on custom large format lens to enable your high resolution camera or sensor to achieve its full performance please contact Resolve Optics Ltd. on +44-1494-777100 or sales@resolveoptics.com. 

Worldwide HQ

Resolve Optics Ltd.
Asheridge Road
Bucks. HP5 2PT
tel. +44-1494 777100
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