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BioTech Pharma Summit: Biosimilars & Biologics 2019
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BioTech Pharma Summit: Biosimilars & Biologics 2019

21-21 March 2019 鈭 Porto Portugal
The BioTech Pharma Summit: Biosimilars & Biologics 2019 is the leading event to continually stay on the pulse of the biosimilars鈥 ever-changing market and convenes key stakeholders including biosimilar and innovator pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers, providers and patient advocates addressing timely challenges and best practices for biosimilar product success.
♦ Interchangeability strategy in Biosimilar clinical trial
♦ Biosimilars Market Access in the EU
♦ Biosimilar development in emerging markets
♦ Regional updates from the US, Middle East and Africa
♦ Overview of FDA Guidance on Biosimilars
♦ CMC Analytical Comparability: Methods & Strategies for Biologics, Biosimilars & Biobetters
♦ Prognosis for the Global Biologics market in an era of transformative new technologies
♦ Innovative clinical approach in biosimilars
♦ Critical Analytical Characterization Steps for Biosimilarity Assessment
♦ Process Development for Biosimilars 鈥 Industry challenges
♦ Biosimilars development and impact on clinical practice
♦ Analytical Biosimilarity and Data Quality for Manufacturers of Biosimilar for the US Market
♦ Biosimilars: Challenges in Safety and Risk Management
♦ Impact that biosimilars make on availability of biologicals on ROW markets
♦ Biosimilar approval to biogenerics in clinical practice
♦ Pricing and reimbursement considerations for Biosimilars
♦ Commercial challenges and opportunities 鈥 strategies to develop Biosimilars & Biologics
♦ Developing successful business models in Biosimilar product development
♦ Understanding the current regulatory approval standards for Biosimilars in Europe, US and ROI including for monoclonal antibodies
*The 3rd Annual Biosimilars & Biologics 2019 is an exclusive limited seat event. Super Early-Bird/Early bird tickets are non-refundable and subject to availability.
Contact us:
Diogo Lino Ribeiro
Tel: +351 915 239 640
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