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12th Annual Proteins & Antibodies Congress 2019
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12th Annual Proteins & Antibodies Congress 2019

24 鈥 25 April 2019, London, UK
Oxford Global is proud to present its 12th Annual Proteins & Antibodies Congress, taking place on 24th 鈥 25th of April in London. The congress will bring together over 450 attendees from global pharmaceutical organisations, leading biotech companies & internationally renowned academic institutions working in the proteins & antibodies industry; as well as peptides, biosimilars & biobetters attendees as part of our 3-in-1 Biologics Series.
The congress will feature over 50 case studies, presentations and panel discussions focused on the key issues in protein and antibody engineering & development, alternative scaffolds, protein & antibody biotherapeutics as well as biotherapeutics manufacturing and chemistry.
Including 6 interactive streams:
♦ Protein Engineering, Design & Selection
♦ Bioconjugates 鈥 ADC And Protein Fusion Therapeutics 鈥 Engineering, Safety And Clinical Considerations for Therapeutic Innovation
♦ Antibody Engineering, Design & Development
♦ Cloning, Expression & Purification, Crispr and Cell Engineering
♦ Biotherapeutics: Manufacturing, Chemistry, Analytics and Control
♦ Protein & Antibody Biotherapeutic Development Including Immuno-Oncology and Car T Cell Therapy
PLUS: 2 workshop discussions:

1) Workshop on Predicting Protein Stability and Analytics

2) Workshop on CRISPS CAS 9 鈥 Protein and Antibody

This event is co-located with our highly anticipated 6th Annual Peptides Congress and 6th Annual Biosimilars & Biobetters Congress
View the full agenda: http://bit.ly/2zPgKTX
We are hosting 2 FREE live webinars in anticipation of the congress:
Antibody-Drug Conjugates: Design & Development for Therapy & Imaging in Cancer
Presented by Philipp Spycher, PSI Founder Fellow, Radiopharmaceutical Sciences from the Paul Scherrer Institute
Tuesday 29th January at 9:00 AM GMT
Register here: http://bit.ly/2zP6L0K
Antibody Engineering with a Focus on Developability
Presented by Stacey Chin, Project Leader & Scientist II from MedImmune UK
Tuesday 5th February at 9:00 AM GMT
Register here: http://bit.ly/2RC1cJq
Can鈥檛 make the date? Register your interest now & receive the recording for free!
For more details:
Visit the Biologics Series website: http://bit.ly/2QyT7rJ
Visit the congress website: http://bit.ly/2rnKJxg
Register your interest & book now: http://bit.ly/2Ed9BQx
Or for further information, prices & group discounts please contact marketing@oxfordglobal.co.uk
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