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DragonChem Introduced SKYLUX® Ultra-Low-Protein-Binding PP Resin at analytica China 2018
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 New Product : SKYLUX® Ultra-Low-Protein-Binding PP Resin
DragonChem Limited introduced a new product : SKYLUX® Ultra-Low-Protein-Binding Polypropylene resin on Analytica China , Shanghai (Oct.31 – Nov.2, 2018).


Mr. Derick Yip, General Manager (Right), Mr.Xie, Sales Manager (Left) of DragonChem Limited

"Protein is an important component of every cell in our body, the research of life science has entered the post-genome era. The development of proteomics technology has become vital to support the rapid requirementof the breakthrough of modern biotechnology.” said Derick Yip, General Manager of DragonChem Limited in an interview with Bio-Equip, “Proteomics involves the applications of Renal Disease diagnosis, Neurology, Antibody Profiling for Study & Treatment of Disease, Fetal & Maternal medicine, Urological Cancer research, Tumor metastasis, Diabetes research, Neutrition research. The field of applications are very large and extensive.”
Derick Yip informed that the need for storage tubes which exhibit ultra-low-protein-binding properties is critical to those research fields due to the low concentrations of proteins typically found in samples. Driven by the rapid growth in proteomics and protein research applications, the need for storage tubes where interaction between the sample and the tube surface is minimized has grown exponentially. DragonChem spent over 2 years to develop Ultra Low Protein Binding Polypropylene resin to meet the industry needs.
A study – protein binding measurement tests were performed on treated SKYLUX® ultra-low-protein-binding polypropylene(PP) and untreated polypropylene(PP). The results show that SKYLUX® Ultra-low-Protein-binding polypropylene exhibits very low protein binding ratio, even in long time contact with protein samples. This should be a great news for plastic lab ware manufactures to produce storage tubes, centrifuge tubes, well plates etc. for proteomics and protein research application, having protein recovery rates are maximized and consequently protein loss is minimized.

BSA concentration: 0.124g/ml

SKYLUX® Ultra-Low-Protein-Binding Polypropylene resin with leading technology and remarkable performance offers unlimited potentials for application of developments. Derick Yip said, “DragonChem Limited has great expectation for this latest development. Base on the current market research, similar products have not been seen in the region yet. SKYLUX® Ultra-Low-Protein-Binding Polypropylene resin is attracting many industrial insiders and manufacturers of laboratory consumable at ‘analytica China 2018’. Because our technology differs from those using coating or secondary / post processing. Proteomics Research is not only an essential study to explore the mysteries of life, but also a definite benefit for human health. DragonChem has mission to do the best to contribute to the industry”.

SKYLUX® Ultra-Low-Protein-Binding-PP is high-profile in 'analytic China 2018'

DragonChem Ltd is focusing on application development and sales distribution for medical grade polymers, transparent polymers,  antimicrobial polymers and high-performance specialty polymers.  With sales team and technical service team in Hong Kong and China, the company provides polymer consultation, technical support with total solution to end users.  In addition to SKYLUX® Ultra-Low-Protein-Binding Polypropylene resin, DragonChem also exhibited BACTOSTAT® antimicrobial polymers, SKYLUX® gamma-sterilized PP and ACRYLUX® medical grade PS. "We will commit to serve our customers with professionalism and pragmatic attitude as our mission.”, said Mr Xie, sales manager of DragonChem.

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