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International Conference on Plant Science
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International conference on Plant Science

Toronto, Canada鈭pril 08-09, 2019
Short Tittle: Plant Science Congress 2019
The OLOGY MAVENS as well as the members of the Organizing and Program Committees, we are honored to invite you to attend the International conference on Plant Science to be held at Toronto, Canada during April 08-09, 2019.
The Theme of the Plant Science Congress -2019 is 鈥Frontiers in Plant Sciences" which covers the wide range of critically important sessions in the field of Plant Sciences, Agricultural Science, Food Science, Plant and Soil Science, Plant Biology. The objective of this meeting is to share the knowledge on the Plant Biology and the Holistic Medicine in Plant Sciences. The Scientists, Professors, academicians and young inspired student scientists from all around the world involved in researchers at the cutting edge in the study of the Plant Sciences.
Agriculture Sciences is a major subject dealing with food and fibre production. It includes research and development agricultural engineering as well as in Agricultural biotechnology. Agricultural biotechnology completely provides path for plants in high temperature conditions.
The major fundamental research topics in food science and technology are food chemistry biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, food engineering. Food Science and Food Technology is a involving several academic subjects that provides complete knowledge in the biological, physical and engineering sciences to produce new products in the form of new technologies and get the food quality in the form of nutritive value as food safety.
The role of new technologies will also be explored for the new developments in the field of Agriculture and Food Sciences. We are also welcoming to recommend any topic, workshop or Preconference workshop you would like to see exposed during the Conference.
Contact us
David Bruce
Program Manager
200 Hillside Ave, Timmins,
Ontario, Canada, P4N4J6
Phone: +1 7058818889
WhatsApp Message: +1 (705) 414-1167
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