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Merck Announces Future Insight Prize of up to 鈧 1 Million

hits:317     Date:07/19/18
Merck Announces Future Insight Prize of up to 鈧 1 Million for Groundbreaking Scientific Work
Merck today announced a new research prize. The company will award the 鈥淔uture Insight Prize鈥 of up to 鈧 1 million annually for the next 35 years.
  • First prize to be awarded 2019 for work on a visionary product to protect humanity from newly emerging viral diseases
  • Merck committed to 鈥淔uture Insight Prize鈥 for the next 35 years
  • Announcement made at 鈥淐urious2018 鈥 Future Insight鈥 conference premiere
Darmstadt, Germany, July 17, 2018 鈥 Merck, the vibrant science and technology company, today announced a new research prize. The company will award the 鈥淔uture Insight Prize鈥 of up to 鈧 1 million annually for the next 35 years. The prize will be presented to researchers who will make outstanding contributions to enable innovations important for the future of humanity in the categories of health, nutrition and energy.

鈥淎s we are discussing the future of science and technology at the 鈥楥urious2018 鈥 Future Insight鈥 conference, this is the right place to announce the 鈥楩uture Insight Prize鈥. With this award we aim to stimulate groundbreaking science and innovative development of key products or technologies, to bring meaningful visions to life for the benefit of humanity,鈥 Stefan Oschmann, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Merck, said when he announced the prize today at the conference. This event in Darmstadt, of which Merck is the main sponsor, is currently being held for the first time and brings together globally renowned scientists, among them five Nobel Price laureates.

The new award will be issued for the first time at next year鈥檚 鈥淐urious2019鈥 conference. It will relate to the health category and a 鈥楶andemic Protector鈥 鈥 a visionary dream product enabling an accelerated protection against newly emerging pathogens. The 鈥楶andemic Protector鈥 should make it possible to swiftly analyze emerging pathogens, to generate an agent for disease treatment or prevention, and in doing so protect humanity against the outbreak of a new, global plague.
A scouting team will monitor scientific activity worldwide with a view to selecting potential candidates for the award. Experts in the relevant fields are likewise free to propose candidates of their own. The chosen scientists will be approached and asked to submit their entry to a jury of distinguished scientists and managers, drawn both from Merck and beyond. The winner of the respective award should use the prize for further research on the specific topic.
The Future Insight Prize for the years thereafter will be awarded for the following three topics:
  • 2020: Multi-Drug Resistance Breaker - solving the problem of antibacterial resistance to multiple antibacterials (category health)
  • 2021: Food Generator 鈥 Technology to help feed the world鈥檚 growing population (category nutrition)
  • 2022: CO2-to-Fuel Converter 鈥 Generating fuel by photocatalytic conversion of atmospheric CO2 (category energy)
All future research projects receiving this award should contribute to laying the scientific and technological basis for the later realization of so-called 鈥渄ream products鈥, in the first year the 鈥楶andemic Protector鈥. The products envisaged are visionary products which the prize will catalyze to become reality. The same principle applies to the dream products Multi-Drug Resistance Breaker, Food Generator and CO2-to-Fuel Converter. None of the awarded projects is meant to be in connection to or to directly contribute to any of the three business sectors of Merck. More information and illustrations are available atfutureinsightprize.merckgroup.com.
The science conference 鈥淐urious2018 鈥 Future Insight鈥 (www.curious2018.com), where the award was announced today, brings together some of the world鈥檚 most accomplished scientists. The new conference is one highlight of the 350th  anniversary year of Merck. More than 35 internationally renowned scientists 鈥 including five Nobel Prize laureates 鈥 are presenting their work and discussing the future of science and technology from July 16 to July 18, 2018 in Darmstadt , Germany. The speakers are presenting to an audience of around 1,000 guests from all over the world topics oriented to the main focal areas of the three Merck business sectors (Healthcare 鈥淗ealthy Lives 鈥 new breakthrough therapies and diagnostics鈥, Life Science 鈥淟ife Reimagined 鈥 synthetic biology and beyond鈥, and Performance Materials 鈥淢aterials & Solutions 鈥 chemistry and beyond鈥). Other conference topics address questions regarding digitalization (鈥淰ibrant Digital 鈥 the power of in silico鈥) and new forms of collaboration (鈥淏right Future 鈥 new ways of working and collaborating鈥).
鈥淢erck is fighting cancer, multiple sclerosis and other serious diseases. With our Life Science products we are helping other companies to conduct research even more quickly and efficiently. And we are developing high-tech materials with which autonomous driving or foldable displays are becoming reality. We are doing all this in close partnership with top researchers around the globe. Therefore, we are very much enjoying this huge celebration at 鈥楥urious2018 鈥 Future Insight鈥 conference of research with the best of the best,鈥 is how Stefan Oschmann described the concept behind this new conference.
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