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Uniqsis: Flow Synthesis of Novel Nanomaterials

hits:325     Date:05/17/18
Uniqsis reports how the Institute of Physics at the University of Tartu (Estonia) has selected a FlowSyn™ continuous flow reactor with Flow-UV™ detector to assist them in development of novel nanomaterials for use in next generation applications.

The material science research group of Dr Aile Tamm evaluated different technological approaches to synthesise nanomaterials before investing in the Uniqsis FlowSyn system.

Dr Aile Tamm said 鈥淲e have investigated nanoparticles and nanocomposites with advanced magnetoelectric properties. For instance, we have succeeded in manufacturing thin solid film-particle composite layers containing iron oxide, iron-erbium oxide, manganese-iron oxide and lanthanum oxide particles with average particle diameter in the range of 5-50 nm. These novel composites have demonstrated nonlinear and saturative magnetization as well as coercive hysteresis that are needed for development of electronic devices. In addition to those nanomaterials, several other types of nanoparticles are being investigated at our Institute鈥.

Managing Director of Uniqsis, Paul Pergande commented 鈥淲e are delighted to welcome Dr Tamm鈥檚 renowned research group to the growing community of leading international material science labs using the FlowSyn for synthesising nanoparticles鈥. He added 鈥淭he Flow-UV in-line diode array detector can be used to determine when steady state has been achieved and therefore when to start and stop collecting the reaction product. UV-Vis measurements are particularly significant for nanoparticle distribution and provide information about particle size and whether agglomeration is occurring鈥.

The FlowSyn™ is a compact integrated continuous flow reactor system designed for easy, safe and efficient operation. The FlowSyn™ range includes models for performing single or multiple homogeneous or heterogeneous reactions, either manually or automatically. The range of reactions that can be explored with Uniqsis鈥 integrated and modular flow chemistry systems grows ever wider and is exemplified by the growing number of applications published both in the academic press and in Uniqsis鈥 own application notes. 

For further information on the FlowSyn™ continuous flow reactor visit www.uniqsis.com or to discuss a trial of the system please contact Uniqsis on +44-845-864-7747 / info@uniqsis.com. Uniqsis specialises in the design of meso-scale continuous flow chemistry systems for a wide range of applications in chemical and pharmaceutical research. The company鈥檚 aim is to make flow chemistry easily accessible to both novices and experienced users.

The University of Tartu is the largest and most renowned academic institutions in Estonia and one of the most respected centres of education and research in Central and Eastern Europe. For further information on the Institute of Physics at the University of Tartu please visit https://www.ut.ee/en/research 
image Captions:  Uniqsis FlowSyn continuous flow reactor in use at University of Tartu / Scanning electron microscope image of nanoparticles made at University of Tartu

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