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International Conference on Biochemistry

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International Conference on Biochemistry

Biochemistry Conference will be held in London, UK during October 24-25, 2018. It will bring together world-class biochemists, scientists and professors to discuss the multidisciplinary field with research and interests covering all aspects of recent molecular and cellular biochemistry. In this Biochemistry event, it is often deliberated as a tool to investigate and to study molecular biology. It deals with the structure, function and relations amongst biological macromolecules.
Meetings International (Meetings Int.) is a global leader in producing high quality conferences, meetings, workshops and symposia in all major fields of science, technology and medicine. Since its inception, Meetings Int. has been associated with national and international associations, corporations and high level individuals, dedicated to host world class conferences and events. Meetings Int. supports broad scope research and peer review at a broad range of specialists around the world.
The theme of the Biochemistry conference "Revolution and upcoming movements in the arena of Biochemistry", will focus on the study of the molecular mechanisms by which genetic information present on DNA is able to result in the processes of life.
Biochemistry has its applications in various fields. The summit of biochemistry is intended to apply primarily in medicine, nutrition, and agriculture. In medicine, biochemists investigate the cause and cure for the disease. In nutrition, they study how to maintain health and study the effects of deficiency of nutrients. In agriculture, biochemists investigate soil and fertilizers, and try to discover ways to improve crop cultivation. Its storage and pest control.
Conference Highlights:
▪ Biochemistry: Research and innovation
▪ Green Chemistry
▪ Methodical Biochemistry
▪ Food Chemistry and Nutrition
▪ Protein Chemistry
▪ Microbial Biochemistry
▪ Hydrocarbon Biofuel
▪ Molecular Biochemistry
▪ Diagnostic Biochemistry
▪ Medicinal Biochemistry
▪ Bioengineering
▪ Bioenergetics
▪ Enzymology
▪ Nano Biochemistry
▪ Metabolic Chemistry
▪ Structural Biochemistry
▪ Analytical Biochemistry
▪ Pharmaceutical Biochemistry
▪ Systems Biology and Proteomics
▪ Cell Signaling, Kinase and Chemotherapy
Mayra Smith
Conference Manager | Biochemistry 2018
28 Maxwell road, #03-05 red dot traffic,
Singapore (069120)
Contact: +1-302-231-6756 | +6531080483
Toll free : +800-852-6126
Email:biochemistry@annualmeet.org / biochemistry@meetingseries.org
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