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European Chemistry Conference 2018 is to be held on July 2018

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July 4-6, 2018 at Rome, Italy
Organizer: Madridge Publishers
European Chemistry Conference 2018 (ECC-2018) is going to be held during July 4-7, 2018 at Rome, Italy.
ECC-2018 aims to discover advances, practical experiences and innovative ideas on issues related to Chemistry as well as a breadth of other topics. ECC-2018 conference creates a platform for expert鈥檚 interaction, simultaneously with networking opportunities and also provides an opportunity to explore the innovative ideas of the other communities, companies and associations.
This European Chemistry Conference includes Plenary lectures, Keynote lectures and short courses by eminent personalities from around the world in addition to contributed papers both oral and poster presentations.
ECC-2018 covering a total of all disciplines in Chemistry.

We invite the contributions related to Chemistry. You can submit your work in these broad themes.

Conference mainly focuses on:
  • Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry and Green Chemistry
  • Nanochemistry
  • Materials Chemistry and Polymers Chemistry
  • Medicinal and Clinical Chemistry
  • Biological and Physical Chemistry
  • Biochemistry and Agricultural Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Chemical Biology
  • Nuclear Chemistry and Electrochemistry
  • Data Science and Chemistry
  • Surface Chemistry
ECC-2018 Organizing Committee:

  • Wolf-Udo Schroder, University of Rochester, USA
  • George Kraus, Iowa State University, USA
  • John R Sabin, University of Florida, USA
  • Vladimiro Mujica, Arizona State University, USA
  • Edward Lee-Ruff, York University, Canada
  • Giancarlo Galli, University of Pisa, Italy
  • Antonella Glisenti, University of Padova, Italy
  • Carla Marega, University of Padova, Italy
  • Antonella Gervasini, University of Milan, Italy
  • Richard Catlow, Cardiff Catalysis Institute, United Kingdom
  • Shengfu Yang, University of Leicester, United Kingdom
  • Igor Perepichka, Bangor University, United Kingdom
  • Karin Larsson, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Gunnar Westin, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Vila Abad Jose Manuel, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  • Marcelino Maneiro, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  • Lemi Turker, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
  • Jiri Barek, Charles University, Czech Republic
  • Marian Jaskuła, Jagiellonian University, Poland
  • Harri Lonnberg, University of Turku, Finland
  • Wojciech Kinart, University of Lodz, Poland
  • Michael Morris, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • Mohammad Khaja Nazeeruddin, EPFL, Switzerland
  • Marek J Wojcik, Jagiellonian University, Poland
  • Pawel J Kulesza, University of Warsaw, Poland
  • Mohd Basyaruddin Abdul Rahman, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Mady Elbahri, Aalto University, Finland
  • Sugeng Triwahyono, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Ng Si Ling, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Lim Gin Keat, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Tamer Shoeib, American University in Cairo, Egypt
  • Panagiotis Spathis, University of Thessaloniki, Greece

ECC-2018 is organizing an outstanding Scientific Exhibition/Program and anticipates the world鈥檚 leading specialists involved in Chemistry. We welcome Sponsorship and Exhibitions from the Companies and Organizations who wish to showcase their products at this exciting event.

Register for the conference and book your slots at: http://europeanchemistry.madridge.com/register.php  

Contact person:
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