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Amazon Filters:Contained Filtration System for filtration applications

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Contained Filtration System for Applications where Cleaning and Operator Exposure is of Concern

SupaClean systems from Amazon Filters are designed for filtration applications where quick clean downs are required in a multipurpose production site or where hazardous materials are being processed and the risk of operator exposure needs to be minimised. 

To help filter users meet these challenges, Amazon Filters has available now from stock its popular contained filtration system 鈥 the SupaClean. The system consists of Amazon Filter's high performance filter cartridges enclosed inside two sealed plastic bags. This results in the filters and any process fluids being contained inside a secure assembly, providing isolation of the product and filters. The whole system is contained inside a stainless-steel housing which provides the pressure vessel required for the filtration process. These are ideally suited to the production of coatings.

In the development of SupaClean filter assemblies Amazon Filters has paid particular attention to ensure the bags providing containment are reliably sealed into the system. Through its proven design and quality accredited manufacturing process 鈥 SupaClean filter assemblies ensure the users do not suffer the inconvenience, cost or hazard that may result from the bags separating from the rest of the assembly. Extensive validation testing provides the assurance that the plastic bags enclosing the filters and product always remain attached even when full of liquid. 

Filter change-out using SupaClean assemblies is quick and simple reducing your operational costs and the additional costs associated to cleaning. The filter assembly can be simply lifted out of the housing and replaced by a new unit. As each SupaClean filter unit is supplied already assembled this eliminates the risk of operators not installing filters correctly and filter by-pass occurring. 

Beneficially as the SupaClean system provides containment for both used filters and filtered product - filter change-out can be achieved with minimal risk of the operator or the surrounding area coming into contact with the product. 

For further information on SupaClean systems please visit https://www.amazonfilters.com/products/filter-cartridges-and-capsules/supaclean/or contact Amazon Filters on +44-1276-670600 / sales@amazonfilters.co.uk.   

Amazon Filters Ltd. design and manufacture an extensive range of liquid filtration systems, providing one of the widest selections of filter vessels, along with depth and pleated cartridges available today. As a leading manufacturer of filtration systems, Amazon Filters can offer a solution to meet all filtration requirements. Amazons鈥 filters are manufactured in clean room conditions and all products come with detailed Product Validation Guides and Technical Support documentation. To view a video on Amazon Filters design and manufacture capabilities please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG9S6SLDgM4   
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