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Asynt : Optimised Bespoke Glass Laboratory Reactors

hits:1919     Date:10/27/17
Asynt reports on an increasing demand for bespoke glass laboratory reactor systems, optimised to meet the exact demands of an application or project.

As a respected supplier of off-the-shelf laboratory reactor systems, Asynt has the in-depth knowledge and glassware manufacturing expertise to also offer customised glass reactor vessels ranging from tens of millilitres to 50 litres in capacity.

A polymer resin manufacturer commissioned Asynt to develop a 20-litre jacketed glass laboratory reactor vessel with a bespoke 30mm diameter zero dead space bottom run off valve. Because of the viscous nature of the reaction material this valve was essential to the project, allowing for simple product sampling and ensuring easy and efficient transfer of the reaction material. The customer was so pleased with the operation of the resulting glass reactor that they ordered a second identical system.

A contract research organisation, specialising in the synthesis of photosensitive molecules, tasked Asynt to design a 1-litre glass laboratory reactor to minimise light degradation of their high value molecules during reaction.  This was achieved by manufacturing the complete reactor system using amber-stained glass.

The Asynt team has over 30 years of dealing with custom glassblowing solutions and can help you with many of your custom glass reactor needs; whether you require just a small adaption or a fully bespoke glass reactor system.

For further information on bespoke glass laboratory reactors please visit http://www.asynt.com/services/custom-services/ or contact Asynt on +44-1638-781709 / enquiries@asynt.com.  

Asynt is a leading supplier of affordable products, consumables and services for chemists in industry and academia.  With staff of trained chemists - Asynt can draw upon this in-depth applications knowledge to provide a high level of customer support for its DrySyn Heating Blocks, Controlled Lab Reactors, Synthesis Tools, Evaporators, Circulators, Temperature Control Systems, Vacuum Pumps and Laboratory Safety Equipment.

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Asynt Ltd

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Cambridgeshire CB7 5RJ
tel: +44-1638-781709
email: enquiries@asynt.com
web: www.asynt.com
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