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AYOXXA introduces its multiplex protein analysis system

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AYOXXA introduces LUNARISTM, its advanced fully integrated low-volume beads-on-a-chip multiplex protein analysis system
Cologne, Germany, September 11, 2017 - AYOXXA Biosystems GmbH, an international biotechnology company, today announces the introduction of its advanced low-volume beads-on-a-chip multiplex protein analysis system. The LUNARISTM system can be readily integrated into any laboratory routine and is optimized to provide easy-to-use, standardized workflow from sample to result.
"To fully enable scientific discovery in the rapidly expanding field of translational science, modern multiplex protein analysis technologies need to provide superior robustness and performance, in addition to being validated for a variety of clinically relevant sample types. LUNARISTM was developed by AYOXXA to combine scalability, flexibility and market leading data quality using the best-in-class analysis software. This truly enables the path from laboratory studies to clinically relevant insight," said Wolfgang Kintzel, COO of AYOXXA.
Innovative bead technology for scalable multiplex protein analysis
The LUNARISTM system combines the advantages of a bead-based multiplexing approach and the reliability and scalability of a plate-based format with the simplicity of image-based analysis. The system is comprised of a dedicated reader, automated analysis software, and a growing portfolio of LUNARISTM multiplex protein assay kits for the detection and quantification of soluble inflammation and immune-response markers.
Based on an innovative plate design, antibody-coated beads are pre-deposited in spatially separated micro-cavities on the planar LUNARISTM BioChip. This variable bead-array format allows straightforward assay development, flexible workflow and permits sample archiving for remote analysis, decoupling experimental execution from readout. This allows for batch execution and supports readout at AYOXXA's own and other qualified service labs, better matching the design and execution process of typical translational studies.
Highest quality of data through superior accuracy and data precision
Image-based readout combined with the planar beads-on-a-chip format make the LUNARISTM system very robust and capable of delivering best-in-class data quality. The spatial separation of the individual coated beads in a pre-defined array format contributes to the avoidance of quenching effects and reduction of artifacts potentially introduced via bead clumping, helping to ensure the best possible accuracy and precision. The readout captures an image of all of the beads within the reaction well, leaving no bead unread. This exhaustive sampling, combined with robust plate-based workflow, helps achieve coefficients of variation (CVs) in the range of 10% or better.
Flexibility in scalability and formats
The LUNARISTM BioChips have been designed as a modular system with formats from 32- to 384-well density and are compatible with liquid handling system integration, allowing full scalability for low- to high-throughput applications.
The LUNARISTM system has proven to be highly efficient in assay prototyping for multiplex immunoassays - which are the primary format commercially available today. The system can also be used for other assay formats in the same modular plate-based format. These include various forms of binding or capture assays, including protein-protein, antibody-antigen, DNA-protein, as well as enzyme activity assays, such as protease or kinase activity assays.
Minimal sample volumes for maximal results from precious samples
LUNARISTM assays are painstakingly optimized using the best quality antibody-pairs to ensure the highest assay sensitivity and specificity with minimal cross-reactivity in a multiplex format. Due to the innovative BioChip format and geometry, LUNARISTM assays can be performed with sample volumes as low as 3µL - which represents only 1/10 of the volume required by comparable multiplex technologies. This low minimum volume requirement enables multiplex protein analysis from valuable and scarce human and animal samples, such as fine needle biopsies, vitreous fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, as well as many other bodily fluids, cell culture supernatant and tissue homogenates.
Focus on translational science - from laboratory discoveries to clinical insight
All features of the LUNARISTM system make it an ideal choice for biomarker screening and validation. Numerous collaboration partners and high profile scientific teams have evaluated the robustness of the system over the past year.
"Thousands of samples have been analyzed on the LUNARISTM system to date in multiple research collaborations and studies by leading pharmaceutical companies. We are excited to be able to make this innovative technology available to help translate discoveries made in the laboratory environment through validation in clinical studies. We feel this will support greater insight into biological systems and advance the entire pre-clinical and clinical drug development process," added Rodney Turner, CEO of AYOXXA.
AYOXXA Biosystems GmbH is an international life science tools company based in Cologne (Germany) with offices in Boston, MA (USA) and Singapore. AYOXXA enables its customers and partners to utilize its reliable and optimized platform technology to fuel breakthroughs in all areas of life science research and to enhance success in translational science.
With LUNARISTM, its proprietary innovative beads-on-a-chip multiplexing platform for advanced protein analysis, the Company is paving the way for translating knowledge generated in a laboratory environment through clinical studies in support of basic biology and across drug development. With its advantages in terms of quality, flexibility, robustness and efficiency, LUNARISTM enables fully scalable quantitative validation of biomarkers in minute amounts of biological samples. AYOXXA is commercializing a growing portfolio of standardized ready-to-use biomarker analysis assays, with a focus on the biology of inflammation and immune response.
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