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The 9th International Bioinformatics Workshop (IBW2011)

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The 9th International Bioinformatics Workshop (IBW2011)
July 11-13, 2011. Xi鈥檃n , China

Announcement for Papers 锛 Submission deadline: April 15, 2011 锛

Sponsored by:

Committee of Tumor Marker, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association
Medical & Health Engineering Division of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Organized by:

The Cell Engineering Research Center , Fourth Military Medical University
The School of Biomedical Engineering , Fourth Military Medical University

Co-organized by:

Medical & Health Engineering Division of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Sponsored by:

National Science Foundation of China
Fourth Military Medical University
Ministry of Education, China .

Workshop Website:


Welcome Message

The International Bioinformatics workshop (IBW) series aims to promote scientific communication for Chinese researchers on the cutting-edge progress in bioinformatics, computational and systems biology, genomics, and proteomics. As a major annual event in the Chinese bioinformatics community, the workshop series have attracted over 2,000 students and postdoctoral fellows in 8 previous successful meetings, which took place at Fudan University (2003), Tsinghua University (2004), Jilin University (2005), Central South University (2006), Shandong University (2007) and Yunnan University (2008), Soochow University (2009), and Wuhan University (2010), respectively.

IBW2011, organized by the Cell Engineering Research Center and the School of Biomedical Engineering , Fourth Military Medical University , co-organized by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, will be held from July 11th to 13th, 2011, in Xi鈥檃n , China . The workshop is sponsored by NSFC, FMMU, and by the Ministry of Education, China . About 20 speakers from both domestic and overseas have agreed to present at the workshop.

Xi鈥檃n is one of the most attractive historical cities. Strolling in street of city, one will get the feeling of walking through a big historical museum, in which one can witness the Eighth Wonder in the world- 鈥渢erra-cotta warriors and horses鈥 of Qin dynasty, the Big and Small Wild Goose Pagodas of Tang dynasty and the city wall of Ming dynasty. We believe that our kind receptions will make this trip a colorful and unforgettable one for you.

Looking forward to meeting you in Xi鈥檃n on July 11th -13th, 2011.

Yours faithfully,
Chairman: Zhinan Chen, Ph.D.
Ying Xu, Ph.D

Conference organization

Honorary Chair 锛Prof. Daiming Fan,President, Fourth Military Medical University Academician, the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE)

Chair: Prof. Zhinan Chen,Academician, the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE)
The Fourth Military Medical University , China

Prof. Ying Xu,Georgia University , IBW steering committee member

Program committee:


Qian Wang

Fourth Military Medical University


Yingming Feng

Fourth Military Medical University


Jinliang Xing

Fourth Military Medical University


Luonan Chen

Shanghai Institute of Biological Sciences, CAS

Runsheng Chen

Institute of Biophysics , CAS

Yuan Gao

Virginia Commonwealth University , USA

Jingdong Han

CAS-MPG Partner institute for Computational Biology

Bailin Hao

Fudan University and Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS

Tao Jiang

University of California at Riverside , USA

Hoong-Chien Lee

National Center University , Taiwan

Ming Li

University of Waterloo , Canada

Juan Liu

Wuhan University

Youyong Lv

Beijing University / School of Medicine

Zhengsu She

Beijing University

Yu Shyr

Vanderbilt University , USA

Zhirong Sun

Tsinghua University

Haixu Tang

Indiana University , USA

Wen Wang

Kunming Institute of Zoology, CAS

Stephen Wong

Methodist Hospital Research Institute, USA

Weixiong Zhang

Washington University , USA

Xuegong Zhang

Tsinghua University

Steering Committee:


Ying Xu

University of Georgia


Liping Wei

Beijing University

Yixue Li

Shanghai Center for Bioinformatics Technology

Xiaole Shirley Liu

Harvard University

Organizing committee:


Wenbin Li

Fourth Military Medical University


Yong Ji

Fourth Military Medical University


Hongbing Lu

Fourth Military Medical University


Dongguang Wang

Fourth Military Medical University

Ruian Wang

Fourth Military Medical University

Huijie Bian

Fourth Military Medical University

Jianli Jiang

Fourth Military Medical University

Chun Jiao

Fourth Military Medical University

•  Workshop Scope:

The workshop will cover the top subjects on computational genomics, computational proteomics, computational systems biology and biological data mining. Submissions of summaries describing original work in, but not limited to, the following topics are encouraged.

1. Computational genomics
2. Bio-sequence analysis
3. Comparative genome analysis
4. Biological networks
5. Computational proteomics
6. Computational structural biology
7. Computational systems biology
8. Biological data mining
9. Computational evolutionary biology
10. Algorithmic and combinatorial methods in bioinformatics.
11. Disease genomics and proteomics

II. Call for summaries and speakers

We are now open to accept contributed talks for all areas in bioinformatics including but not limited to the conference topics. Please e-mail us your intention and a summary of paper to be spoken at the conference and submit your self-introduction for review and evaluation. All submissions will be peer-reviewed by experts in the field independently based on originality, significance, quality and clarity. Authors should format their papers (less than 4-pages) and submit requested files to the workshop mailbox apctbm2009@163.com . Mailing papers are not welcome.

Important deadlines:

Paper submission deadline: May 15, 2011

Notification of paper acceptance deadline: May 30, 2011

III . Rules for Papers (All papers should be organized as following rules):

(1). All Papers (abstract or full text) must be submitted as an unpublished presentation. They must be written in English with Word format to fit into the A4 layout.

(2). Styles of English text are as the followings:

锕 Text format: Times New Roman of 11 pt , single spaced.
锕 Title: Simple and clear, all in capital letter and not bold.
锕 Author has no title name, the first letter capitalized, aligned on the left ( the first name before surname, example: Li Xiangyang is Xiangyang Li ).
锕 Organization, city and country are aligned on the left.
锕 Paper is composed of the followings: Objectives, methods, results, conclusions.
锕 Please be sure to carefully check your paper for content errors, spelling, names, etc, before submitting. We are not able to proofread for or correct spelling, typographical, grammatical, or scientific errors.

IV. Conference Program

DragonStar Course

July 4th

Registration & Picking up course handouts

July 5th


Opening Ceremony

Course Session


Course Session

July 6th-10th

All day

Course Session with Projects

IBW2011 Workshop

July 10

All day


July 11th


Opening Ceremony


Plenary Session


Welcome Banquet

July 12th

All day

Plenary Session

July 13th


Plenary Session and Closing Ceremony

V . Invited Speakers:

1 銆 Luonan Chen, Shanghai Institute of Biological Sciences
2 銆 Runsheng Chen, Institute of Biophysics, CAS
     锛堥檲娑︾敓闄㈠+锛屼腑绉戦櫌鐢熺墿鐗╃悊鐮旂┒鎵 , 涓浗绉戝闄㈤櫌澹級
3 銆 Yuan Gao, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
4 銆 Jingdong Han, CAS-MPG Partner institute for Computational Biology
      锛堥煩鏁笢鐮旂┒鍛 , 涓闄㈤仐浼犱笌鍙戣偛鐢熺墿瀛︾爺绌舵墍 锛
5 銆 Bailin Hao, Fudan University and Institute of Theoretical Physics, CAS
     锛堥儩鏌忔灄闄㈠+ , 涓闄㈢悊璁虹墿鐞嗙爺绌舵墍锛屼腑鍥界瀛﹂櫌闄㈠+锛
6 銆 Tao Jiang, University of California at Riverside 锛 USA
7 銆 Hoong-Chien Lee, National Center University, Taiwan
8 銆 Ming Li, University of Waterloo, Canada
9 銆 Yixue Li, Shanghai Bioinformatics Center 锛 CAS
10 銆 Xiaole Liu, Harvard University and Tongji University
     锛 Xiaole Liu 鏁欐巿锛屽搱浣涘ぇ瀛︼紝鍚屾祹澶у锛
11 銆 Youyong Lv, Peking University School of Medicine
12 銆 Zhensu She, Peking University
13 銆 Yu Shyr, Vanderbilt University, USA
14 銆 Zhirong Sun, Tsinghua University
     锛堝瓩涔嬭崳鏁欐巿 , 娓呭崕澶у鐢熺墿绉戝涓庢妧鏈郴 锛
15 銆 Haixu Tang, Indiana University, USA
16 銆 Wen Wang, Kunming Institute of Zoology, CAS
     锛堢帇鏂囩爺绌跺憳锛屼腑绉戦櫌鏄嗘槑鍔ㄧ墿鐮旂┒鎵锛 973 棣栧腑绉戝瀹 锛
17 銆 Liping Wei, Peking University
     锛堥瓘涓借悕鏁欐巿锛屽寳浜ぇ瀛︾敓鍛界瀛﹂櫌 锛
18 銆 Stephen Wong, Methodist Hospital Research Institute, USA
19 銆 Jinliang Xing, The Four Military Medical University
20 銆 Ying Xu, University of Georgia and Jilin University
21 銆 Weixiong Zhang, Washington University
     锛 Weixiong Zhang 鏁欐巿 , 鍗庣洓椤垮ぇ瀛︼級
22 銆 Xuegong Zhang, Tsinghua University
     锛堝紶瀛﹀伐鏁欐巿 , 娓呭崕澶у鐢熺墿淇℃伅瀛︿富浠 锛

VI. Registration

Registration for the workshop is free and open to the public. To register for the workshop, please complete the registration form available online at website: http://ibw2011.fmmu.edu.cn , and send the registration form to mailbox ibw2011@fmmu.edu.cn . All registrations will be confirmed by email.

Important dates:

Registration deadline for DragonStar course: May 15, 2011
Registration deadline for the workshop: June 10, 2011

VII. Conference Accommodation Information:

To facilitate the accommodation and make the participation more convenient, we provide the following optional services including lodging and meals that will be charged. Please identify which service you need when you fill the registration form. The reimbursable receipt could be issued for all related payments.

•  Hotel service: Regular participants need to pay for the hotel fee. The reservation fee of 200RMB is required for each reservation. The conference has arranged two hotels below to choose:

•  Xi鈥檃n Jianguo Hotel 锛堚槄鈽呪槄鈽咃級

Location: No.2, Huzhu Street , Xi鈥檃n City, Shaanxi Province , China

Website: http://www.hotelxianjianguo.com

Tel 锛 86-29-82598888;

Conference room rate

Jianguo Hotel


Standard Room

Deluxe Room

Executive Suite



锟 430/night

锟 530/night

US$ 180/night

All room rates include 15% service charge.

B. The Fourth Military Medical University Hotel

Location: No.169, Changlexi Street , Xi鈥檃n City, Shaanxi 710032, China
Tel 锛 86-29-84775888

Conference room rate

The Fourth Military Medical University Hotel

Standard Room

Deluxe Room



锟 170/night

锟 380/night

2. Conference Documents (optional):

150 RMB per copy for 5-day DragonStar course;
200 RMB per copy for 3-day workshop.

Each copy contains the teaching materials required by the course, materials of all invited and contributed talks, the abstracts of all potential accepted papers, a conference programme, a workshop badge, and so on.

3. Meal Tickets (optional):

450 RMB per set for DragonStar course (consists of tickets for five-day meals from Jul.6-10)
600 RMB per set (consists of tickets for four buffet meals and one banquet from July 11 to 13).

Please note that the meal set is nonseparable.

VII. Conference Language: English/Chinese

IX. Contact information:

Questions or comments on the conference:
Contact Person: Professor Lu
Tel: 86-29-84774837, 13572116125
Email: luhb@fmmu.edu.cn

Questions or comments on paper submission:
Contact Person:Miss Cheng
Tel: 86-29-84772286

Questions or comments on registration:
Contact Person: Teacher Wang
Tel: 029-84774840-802,
Email: IBW2011@fmmu.edu.cn
Fax: 86-29-84774837

Address: The Cell Engineering Research Center/School of Biomedical Engineering
Fourth Military Medical University ,
169 Changlexi Rd , Xi鈥檃n , Shaanxi 710032, China .

Website: http://ibw2011.fmmu.edu.cn

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