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Prepare Standard Solutions: Fast, Traceable & Compliant with Regulations
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One Click™ Standard Preparation is the new way to prepare standards accurately. It is powered by LabX software, which shortens the process considerably guiding the operator step-by-step through the process on the balance screen and automatically handling all data. The fully labeled and traceable standards comply with all chemical industry process security demands.


Accurate standard and sample solutions are essential for quality assurance procedures within the chemical industry, including chromatographic analyses of both raw materials and final products.

Using the traditional method, a simple solution can take fifteen minutes plus to prepare due to the time spent on preparation, calculations, weighing and documentation. Mistakes can be easily introduced into the procedure through transcription errors, incorrect calculations and dosing difficulties.

One Click Standard Preparation, powered by LabX, eliminates all such problems making the whole process significantly faster and more secure.

The procedure is started with the One Click™ shortcut on the balance touch-screen. The user simply follows the balance鈥檚 step-by-step instructions. The inbuilt method can be customized according to each user鈥檚 requirements, offering laboratory managers the assurance that SOPs are being strictly adhered to.

Users input the required concentration and all calculations are performed automatically making transcription error and incorrect formulae a thing of the past. The balance tells the user exactly how much substance is required via the SmartTrac weighing guide. They simply confirm when dosing is completed and the final concentration is calculated automatically. Dosing is also simplified with the ErgoClip dedicated flask holder allowing dosing straight into the flask and eliminating the need for fiddly weighing paper all of which increases user safety by avoiding cross-contamination issues. A label for the flask is printed automatically including all necessary information. LabX automatically stores all data securely in a central database ensuring full traceability.

Reports can be generated at any time and can even be sent to a printer outside the laboratory, making certain that documentation regulations are adhered to. Some general report templates are included for ease-of-use and the Report Designer offers users the opportunity to create personalized reports according to individual corporate style.

LabX contains a built-in method template for preparing a standard solution and the Method Designer allows this template to be customized according to users鈥 precise needs. A new method can be created for each different solution to exactly match individual SOPs. LabX even ensures balance tests have been performed according to the SOP requirements in order to provide an even higher level of process security.

One Click Standard Preparation powered by LabX 鈥 easy and secure!
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