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TOMOS Life Science Group Pte Ltd

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Ben Yu
Unit 209, No.1432 Jiangchang Road, Shanghai | 201906
Company Profile

We are young, energetic and looking forward to every customer
We are happy, and rational science and technology laboratory for the product into human color
We simply, the pursuit of creativity and cooperation to achieve the best results in simple

We are a results-oriented, longer than the design, proficient implementation of scientific instruments company, is not all-inclusive "all" companies
We are a customer placed itself on the market and business development partner, not just to one-way trade suppliers
We are pursuing a number of customers trust the company better than the book, not a mercenary money-making machines
We offer a fine flexible and efficient service, not a large and rigid body processes
We are willing to believe in the concept, specializing in product design and image transmission, not from supplies to equipment to do large generalist

TOMOS scientific instruments, with you facing the market, customer-facing, the challenges of business communication partner!

Company Profile

TOMOS Life Sciences Group, headquartered in Singapore in Asia, is a professional design production and sales TOMOS brand pipettes, centrifuges and filter suction top of biological laboratories, chemical laboratories, pharmaceutical laboratory specialized equipment and supplies high Technologies, the company has been established for 20 years. In the United States, Brazil, Peru, Germany, Spain, France, Turkey, Italy, has offices in Singapore, with scientific instruments designed research centers, specializing in laboratory equipment design and development.

TOMOS Scientific Instrument Shanghai Co., Ltd.

In 2001, TOMOS Life Sciences Group to enter the Chinese market, was established in 2004 in Shanghai, TOMOS Scientific Instrument Shanghai Co., Ltd., is responsible for the development and management of the Chinese market. TOMOS Scientific Instrument ShanghaiCo., Ltd. is committed to the introduction of foreign advanced technology, manufacturing high quality, high performance laboratory instruments and medical devices. TOMOS Scientific Instrument Shanghai Co., Ltd. products are currently single-channel adjustable pipette, multichannel pipette, a continuous fluid, electric pipette, mini centrifuge, high speed mini centrifuge, refrigerated centrifuge, filter tips, and continue to introduce new products. TOMOS Scientific Instrument Shanghai Co., Ltd. is TOMOS Group's products sold in China logistics center, business headquartered in Shanghai, with offices , agents and service centers throughout the country.

Production base

TOMOS Scientific Instrument Shanghai Co.,Ltd has plants in China, responsible for production assembly. Plant with clean room, standardized management, in accordance with ISO9001 standards.

Sales Network
TOMOS current sales network has global coverage, with 15 wholly-owned subsidiaries and offices and more than 200 distributor sales network consisting of radioactive, scientific instruments sales in the area of ??customers in energy, schools, industry, scientific research, courts, police, prosecutors, semiconductor, water quality, government agencies and other major industries, and successfully quantities of each product available to national central government procurement of products short-listed unit, customer issues arise in the application to track time, propose a solution for the second development. To perfection in the form of continuous development of the deep needs of our customers, in order to technological innovation. On the basis of good customer service, we work with many influential industrial users established a good partnership.

Service system
TOMOS focus on sales at the same time, more attention to technical support and after-sales service networks. Headquarters established by senior technical staff, professional and technical personnel, maintenance personnel of the Technical Service Center, focused on our products, technical support and after-sales service. And on a global scale has 15 technical service centers, construction of the three service system:
First Class Service: TOMOS Scientific Instruments Technical Service Center.
Second-class service: TOMOS branches of scientific instruments under the Technical Service Center.
Tertiary services: certified by TOMOS, authorized channel members under the technical services department.
So far, TOMOS company established a team of 25 registered engineers backed by more than 30 technical service network in the future we will also plan to develop about 100 authorized service stations, ensure the timely and efficient manner for each region, the industry customers with professional technical consulting, technical support, repair, maintenance service.

New Product Development

TOMOS always large scientific instruments to domestic and foreign enterprises to provide for its own product development system, custom scientific instruments for our business development, product development, production and sales. Company for the development of the next five years to develop a detailed plan to further enhance the ability to customize scientific instruments to reach the international advanced level, enabling customers to enjoy first-class technology and services, development of a long-term goal TOMOS.

TOMOS Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. aims to become a good scientific instrument design and production company, has introduced new products to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad.
Company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, all products have CE, UL certification.

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