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Pribolab Pte. Ltd   Hits:3598  Update:1/29/2018
General Information
Type of companyManufacturer
Address10 Biopolis Road #15-06 Immunos
Telephone+86 400-6885349
Mobile phone+86 15588680141
Person to contactJifre Guo
Website http://www.pribolab.com
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Company Profile
PriboLab is the global provider of mycotoxin test solutions. Pribolab designs solutions in the food safety and quality at all stages of the supply chain in the agricultural, food and feed industries.
Pribo Lab offer products and services in the
area of mycotoxins for the global food, feed and other industries,such
as:PriboFast® immunoaffinity columns for mycotoxin
PriboFast® Multifunctional Columns for mycotoxin
PriboFast® ELISA Kit for mycotoxin
PriboFast® Mycotoxin Standards and Reference Material (MRM)
PriboFast® KRC PHRED for Aflatoxin testing
Pribolab® Mycotoxin Evaporator System(M-Evap)
PriboLab not only provides crystalline standards ,and also provides various types of toxins liquid and liquid mixing standards.
Pribolab provides different mycotoxin matrix reference materials ( control charts ), allowing the clients to verify the accuracy of measurements in a system known to be in statistical.
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Company News

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