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Alex xue
Hangzhou Office:No.777,HUANZHAN ROAD, | 310000
Company Profile
ZRMED is a World leading manufacturer of respiratory, anesthesia, medical catheter, wound dressing, high-performance protection solutions, and personal care for healthcare applications
Your trusted supplier and innovation partner for a wide range of healthcare applications
ZRMED’s Adavndage
? Global Footprint
? Complete Solutions Provider
? Supply Chain Efficiencies
? Speed and Agility to Leverage Market Trends
? Consistent High Quality
? Depth and Breadth of Nonwoven, Adhesive Tapes, respiratory, and Anesthesia products

Because ZRMED is a vertically integrated company, our expertise in manufacturing covers a large variety of single-use devices.

Respiratory & Anesthesia Products
? Nebulizer mask
? Oxygen mask series
? Nasal cannula
? Breathing Circuit
? Laryngeal mask airway (LMA)
? Endotracheal tube (ETT)
? Medical Airway
? Anesthesia Mask
? Manual Resuscitator (ambu bag)

Medical Dressing

? Medical tape like zinc oxide plaster, non-woven tape, silk tape, transport tape
? Band-aid
? Wound Dressing like Hyrdocolloid Dressing, Foam Dressing,Silicone Dressing,Non Woven Dressing,Transparent Dressing
? Fever cooling gel patch
? Sport Tape
? Gauze &bandage, like POP bandage, elastic bandage
Medical catheter

? Suction catheter(suction tube)
? Stomach tube
? Foley catheter
? Nelaton catheter
? Feeding tube
? Mucus extractor
? Yankauer suction tube
? There way stopcock
? Ryles Tube

Other featured Products
? Netting pant
? Baby bib
? Changing mat
? Paper seat cover
? Nasal aspirator

Learn more at ZRMED.com
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