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QTRAP6500+ System 锛圡S锛
QTRAP6500+ System 锛圡S锛
Origin of place United States
Supplier SCIEX
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Update 12/26/2016
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1, About QTRAP6500+ System锛圡S锛

Featuring the multi-component IonDrive™ Technology and enhanced with a newly designed IonDrive High Energy Detector+ pushes the boundaries of LC-MS/MS quantitation farther than ever before.

2, Specifications

System Features

Detector Type

IonDrive High Energy Detector+

Ionization Sources

IonDrive Turbo V Source; TurboIonSpray Ion Source; Atmospheric-pressure chemical ionization (APCI) sources; DuoSpray, PhotoSpray, and NanoSpray III Ion Sources; SelexION+ Differential Mobility Separation Device, Phytronix LDTD Ion Source, Advion LESA Clarity, Digital PicoView

Scan Types

Q1 MS, Q3 MS, Product Ion, Precursor Ion, Neutral Loss or Gain, MRM, EMS, EPI, ER, MS3, MRM3, TripleTrap Scanning

3, Features

1> For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

The QTRAP 6500+ LC-MS/MS System featuring the multi-component IonDrive™ Technology and enhanced with a newly designed IonDrive High Energy Detector+ pushes the boundaries of LC-MS/MS quantitation farther than ever before. The revolutionary sensitivity, speed, and performance delivered through these technology enhancements are designed so you can see it all, from low mass to high mass compounds, in positive or negative polarity – in a single injection, with high sensitivity, reliability, and confidence.

2> QTRAP 6500+ LC-MS/MS System advantages:

Signal-to-noise and LOQ improvements delivered for the widest scope of chemical compounds in the most challenging matrices

Up to 6 orders of detector dynamic range for enhanced breadth of applications

Increased throughput with polarity switching speeds of 5 msec

No compromise in mass range with a 2000 m/z upper mass limit

Scan speeds of up to 20,000 D

3> Driven by proven Linear Accelerator Trap technology, the QTRAP 6500+ LC-MS/MS System enables powerful, unique workflows that deliver a new level of confidence in your analyses. Key applications in small and large molecule bioanalysis, comprehensive food residue monitoring, priority environmental contaminant detection, biomarker verification, and forensic drug screening in complex matrices will benefit from the added sensitivity and selectivity provided by QTRAP technology.

With scan speeds of 20,000 Da/s and supplemental workflow capabilities including enhanced product ion scanning, second generation MRM (MRM3), and others, you can accelerate your analyses beyond MRM detection to support both method development applications and enhance selectivity in routine screening.

4> See the full MS/MS picture for every MRM

The 6500+ Series delivers the MRM sensitivity you need for quantitation, with added 100X increase in full-scan sensitivity over basic triple quads. The combined Triple Quad and Linear Ion Trap scan functions provide unrivaled levels of confidence by complementing sensitive MRM detection with enhanced product ion, complete MS/MS profiles for unequivocal identification.

Verify the identity of low-level contaminants to resolve ambiguity that might be presented from complex food, environmental, or forensic matrices.

Figure 1. QTRAP technology enables collection of high quality MS/MS spectra in addition to MRMs to enable library comparisons for better confidence in compound identification. Shown here the library comparison of MS/MS data collected for Propamocarb in cucumber.

5> MRM3– A generation of quantitation without interferences

MRM3 workflows provide enhanced quantitative selectivity when high background or challenging co-eluting interferences make standard MRM-based quantitation difficult. This type of higher-selectivity workflow can facilitate the quantitation in complex matrices and help avoid the need for labor-intensive chromatography methods. The multi-component IonDrive™ Technology provides newly-added enhancements in the speed of MRM3 analysis, making this selectivity workflow ideal for UHPLC time scales.

Figure 2. The MRM3 workflow can often provide higher specificity and therefore better LLOQs in complex matrices over MRM workflow alone, as shown here for the heavy labeled peptide DRVYIHP in digested human plasma.

6> Enhanced IonDrive Technology – pushing the sensitivity barrier

The QTRAP 6500+ Series continues to build on the patented IonDrive Technology, simultaneously targeting three critical areas of enhancements in the 6500+ Series, ruggedly driving performance improvements and unrivaled sensitivity:

1) The production of more ions with the newly-designed IonDrive TurboV Source

2) The capture and transmission of more ions with the unique IonDrive QJet Guide

3) The detection of more ions with the new IonDrive High Energy Detector+

Figure 3. IonDrive technology drives performance in 3 key areas, catapulted by the enhanced performance of the newly redesigned IonDrive High Energy Detector+.

a, Produce more ions:

The next generation IonDrive Turbo V Source increases ion production using enhanced, gas-flow dynamics and optimized heater configurations while improving reliability, reproducibility, and robustness. The IonDrive Turbo V Source maintains the quick-change atmospheric-pressure chemical ionization (APCI) and TurboIonSpray Probes as well as the low-dispersion electrodes for use with micro-flow UHPLC applications. From 5 μL/min to 3mL/min, the IonDrive TurboV Source is the perfect match for narrow bore, standard bore, and UHPLC flow rates.

b, Focus and transmit more ions:

The patented and re-optimized IonDrive QJet Guide improves ion containment and collisional focusing through a dual-stage design that captures and focuses ions with incredible efficiency. With a larger internal radius in the first stage that improves the capture of ions and a narrower internal radius on the second stage that increases the ion transmission efficiency into Q0, the new design is able to introduce many more ions into the analyzer.

C, Detect more ions:

The new IonDrive High Energy Detector+ boasts a floated design to enhance sensitivity for detection of a wider range of compounds, including those at low masses in negative mode ionization, and enabling ultra-fast polarity switching for more comprehensive compound detection in every injection.



SCIEX's global leadership and world-class service and support in the capillary electrophoresis and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry industry have made it a trusted partner to thousands of the scientists and lab analysts worldwide who are focused on basic research, drug discovery and development, food and environmental testing, forensics and clinical research.

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